Anahad brings to you authentic folk music from heartlands of India in Dolby Atmos

New Delhi, 19 March 2021: Anahad Foundation brings Dolby Atmos to the folk musicians of India. With this Anahad aims at empowering the underprivileged musicians through technology giving listeners a true experience of folk music from the comfort of their home. Anahad aims to produce over 1000 rural and tribal folk musicians this year for free at their doorsteps.

Folk music exists primarily in verbal format due to which it is heavily depended on live shows and tourism. Post lockdown, with the closure of the tourism industry, the majority of folk musicians became jobless and had no means of earning. BackPack Studio, the flagship program of Anahad Foundation aims to create livelihoods for musicians through the recording sector. Partnership with Dolby will further enhance the output of BackPack Studio as it will help to mix the recorded tracks in a format that will preserve the dynamic and surround nature of folk music!

Anahad’s  mission is to bring music to the world for everyone to feel. Through this collaboration, Dolby Atmos Music will intimately connect listeners with the folk artist’s vision so they can experience the music without any limitations. Abhinav Agrawal (Director, Anahad Foundation) says, “Anahad mission to ‘empower folk musicians through production technology’ gets a boost with Dolby Atmos as it enables the listeners to experience music as it would have been performed live! This technology will bring musicians closer to listeners as they will be able to experience these art forms in the most authentic way possible.”

The first album to be released with this partnership is ‘Colours of Braj’ and is scheduled for launch on 26th March. Centered around the festival Holi, the album will consist of 10 tracks featuring 10 different folk art forms of Braj (the region around Mathura) like Rasiya, Holi Faag, Haveli Sangeet, Charkula Dance, etc. Along with the album, the organisation will release a 20 min documentary on its YouTube channel showing how these tracks were recorded.

About Anahad Foundation: Anahad Foundation is a New Delhi based not for profit organisation that works towards generating employment and creating sustainable livelihood for the folk musicians of the country. Anahad empowers artists by creating a digital presence for them that works like a portfolio and enables them to get more shows. Anahad provides doorstep production facilities to the underprivileged artists for free and creates two music videos and a web-page per folk group. Any royalties generated are put back in the project and are used to empower new artists or provide them with basic necessities in case of any calamity. Since its inception, Anahad has worked with over 6000 musicians and most of them have seen an income increase of up to seven times.

About Dolby Atmos: Dolby Atmos Music lets listeners connect with music at its fullest capacity and creative potential – _not the way most people hear music today, but a version that pulls you into a song to reveal what was lost with traditional recordings. Listeners can discover hidden details and subtleties with unparalleled clarity. Whether it’s a complex harmony of instruments placed around a listener, the unleashing of a legendary guitar solo, a massive bass drop that washes over you, or the subtle breath a singer takes, Dolby Atmos gives music more space and the freedom to unleash every detail and emotion as the artist intended.

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