Mahan Sehgal and DJ Skip come together for a fresh single on Shiva this Mahashivratri

After the debut album Rutba’s success, Mahan, artist and producer from Delhi expands his signature style with DJ Skip on the turntables on Khatam which is about Lord Shiva

Mumbai, India: “Khatam” a musical tribute to Lord Shiva, is a new popular hit released by the artist Mahan Sehgal in collaboration with Skipster (DJ Skip).

This track breaks barriers, compounds multiple genres and creates a new dimension for music in India. “Khatam is an audio-visual treat and our way of devotion through dance and music for Shiva. This video is a result of great artists and their creativity coming together. We tried to create an environment where my friends can just be themselves and enjoy the whole process of creating something completely new.”, said Mahan

Self-taught music producer, audio-visual artist and DJ based out of New Delhi, Mahan’s debut album Rutba released in 2019. It received an overwhelming response with over a million organic streams across platforms. Propelled by fundamentals of music and fusing genres, his style expands and evolves around indie electronic, hip hop, moombathon, with wild bass grooves lead with vivid Indian accents at its core.

His Live sets are an intense mix of his original sounds and visuals along with renditions of his hand-picked favourites by artists from around the world that has both inspired and driven him to his independent style today. You can expect a lot of bass, dance vibes, and unheard mixes with a blast from the past experience.

“Khatam came to being after I travelled to Mumbai and got back home after a month. Not having practiced music for such a long period, I felt distant from the process of creating music”, said Mahan. He came across an interesting podcast about Lord Shiva which spoke about his character and significance of the occasion of Mahashivratri. Mahan has always been a fanboy of Shiva and his teachings. He not only had an empowerment, but also had great ideas of blending flavours of the Raag Revati with his signature style of music and produce something fresh on Shiva

Coming from a simple middle-class family, Mahan was always open to and intrigued by the culture of music and dance. He made sure he’d get into the depth of understanding different dance forms, different kinds of music, including authentic folk sounds played on occasions like a wedding and took inspiration by Indian ethnic instruments. Just by getting inspired from things in daily life, he started working towards a goal, which, was to portray dance and music together capturing Indian History, Culture and Art and bring back the glorious past of music. Slowly the dots started connecting and one of the results is “Khatam” where you can see Nritya (dance), Natak (drama), and Sangeet (music) together.
The music video of Khatam is gripping with tight edits and transitions with the storyline building up revolving around the moods of Shiva.

Mahan strongly believes that Art is a form of nature, following which dance & music cannot be separated, the two are such that one cannot be brought to being and truly enjoyed without the other. That is exactly what he wants to bring in his performances.

“I feel the next decade is going to be the rise of Desi Bass music, with aesthetically designed compositions that uplifts the true essence of the sound of India. I’m working on my second album with some really talented artists and also surprise singles in between. This year looks really exciting!”

You can check out Khatam on all major platform and the official video on



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