British Rapper Sliime & Producer Farooq ‘Got Audio’ Team Up with Def Jam Recordings India for debut single

Mumbai, 24th April 2024: Breakthrough British rapper and songwriter Sliime, in collaboration with renowned producer Farooq ‘Got Audio,’ known for his trending audio mashups has dropped their highly anticipated debut single, “Welcome To The Party,” with the prestigious Def Jam Recordings India.

The track, a fusion of British rap and Indian cinema’s iconic composition ‘Dola Re Dola,’ delivers a fresh and groovy rendition of the classic Bollywood single. With Sliime’s smooth and flirtatious lyricism combined with Bombay trap vibes, “Welcome To The Party” paints a vivid picture of the rapper’s escapades during his date in Mumbai, from sipping Bombay chai to navigating the city’s top-tier clubs.

Watch the song here:

Hailing from Bangladesh, Sliime has quickly become one of the most influential British South Asian artists on the rise. His distinctive blend of classic British rap infused with lyricism inspired by his Dhaka roots has garnered praise from industry heavyweights, including Stormzy and Headie One. With hits like “Lehenga,” Sliime continues to captivate audiences with his evocative storytelling and unique style.

Farooq, also known as Farooq ‘Got Audio,’ is a trailblazing British South Asian hip-hop mainstay renowned for his ability to transform retro Bollywood compositions into gritty trap records. With underground classics like “Heartbreak & Bass” and “Arabian Nites” under his belt, Farooq has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His remarkable singles spree last year, featuring remixes of influential Bollywood tunes, further solidified his reputation as a visionary producer.

Speaking about the collaboration, Sliime shares, “Working on ‘Welcome To The Party’ has been an incredible journey. Sampling ‘Dola Re Dola’ allowed us to pay homage to the rich musical heritage of Indian cinema while adding our own unique twist to the track. I’m excited for listeners to experience the energy and vibe we’ve captured in this song.”

Farooq adds, “Collaborating with Sliime on ‘Welcome To The Party’ has been a fun experience. We wanted to create something that would resonate with audiences and capture the essence of Bombay trap life. I believe we’ve achieved that with this single, and I’m excited to see the response it receives.”

“Welcome To The Party” marks a ground-breaking collaboration between Sliime, Farooq ‘Got Audio,’ and Def Jam Recordings India, setting the stage for a new wave of innovative music that transcends cultural boundaries.

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