We are focusing more on collaborations now, for our next EP or Albums: Garvit-Priyansh

Budding music artists and producer-songwriter duo Garvit Priyansh released their debut EP ‘Lafz’ on April 9th. The EP is in collaboration with T-Series, after the duo was exclusively signed by the label. Lafz is a captivating fusion of Indian classical tunes and contemporary music with 4 unique songs. We had an interaction with them recently to know more of what they have to say, read more below:

How did this EP shape up?

Garvit: So, as I said, it was really impromptu. We had not decided that we are going to release an EP. We were just releasing singles, singles, singles, and we were just going with the flow. But we met the T-Series team and decided in the meeting that let’s do an EP. So yeah, we were prepared with our four songs.

Priyansh: It took us a long time because we were trying to be consistent with singles initially. And later, we were just planning to release an album. We’re also working on two more EPs and an album right now. We were not sure of when to release the EP because we wanted to build an audience first. But then when we met the T series team, we had a conversation about it. And I realized an EP always helps you get a better audience a wider reach people can choose from the songs they want to listen to, and they can stream it.

Watch ‘Jiya Mera’ here:

What about the name ‘Lafz’?

Priyansh: EP has four songs called ‘Jiya Mera’, ‘Rasta’, ‘Baaton Hi Baaton’ and ‘Keh Do Na’. We were discussing the name of the EP, and the songs in the EP are all about the person you love. The words that you use to describe love are the most important factor as that’s what we feel. ‘Lafz’ word in Urdu translates to words, that’s why we chose ‘Lafz’ as the name of the EP.

All four songs from the EP are soulful, romantic tracks. Can you tell us a bit about the experience while making the songs?

Priyansh: Every song has a story. We made ‘Jiya Mera’ in September-October, we made ‘Baaton Hi Baaton’ in January and ‘Keh Do Na’ was made a year ago. We keep composing and writing tracks and adding them to our catalog. For the EP, the first song that we decided on was ‘Jiya Mera’, and it was so much fun making that track. One day we were just sitting with the keys on the guitar and the tune of ‘Jiya Mera’ came to us. I wrote the initial lines and texted my friend to help us write the lyrics. Within a day or two, we finished the track ‘Jiya Mera’. When we came to ‘Baaton Hi Baaton’. There are two composers-lyricists Dhariya and Shikhar. They came to us with that track. And they wanted to work on this track with us. It sounded really good, and we finished that in about a week. ‘Keh Do Na’ was written a year ago about a story from Garvit’s life.

Garvit: We were just talking about something that had happened and he (Priyansh) came up with some writing and this is how ‘Keh Do Na’ was made. And then ‘Rasta’ is a very viby track where we wanted to do something contemporary, something more Pop.

What was the overall experience of working on the EP, and how has T-Series helped you as artists to grow?

Priyansh: So, the overall experience has been amazing. We’ve enjoyed every bit of it, seen it, recording everything live, be it recording vocals. We went on to work with a lot of artists Dhariya, Shikhar and Yashasvi, (Yashasvi) wrote the lyrics for ‘Jiya Mera’. We had a guitarist Aditya who recorded the solo for ‘Jiya Mera’. T-Series played a major role in that entire process.

Garvit: We loved recording our vocals, but we loved even more when it released. We heard the EP, we heard the whole EP on loop after it got released! There’s a guy called Srijan who did the Atmos mix for ‘Jiya Mera’ and that experience was great. We are focusing more on collaborations now, for our next EP or Albums.

Tell us a bit about your association with each other. How was it to work together? And what are the challenges and advantages you faced while working with each other?

Priyansh: We met basically through Instagram in November 2021, a long time back. A friend of mine shared a reel of his (Garvit) and I texted him to make a reel together. We made a cover and that cover went well. At that time, he was in Baroda, I was in Germany, we’re in two different countries and we used to work on Zoom. Later we released a song called ‘Sanware’, which we completed online and over 8 to 10 days, everything on Zoom. Working with each other has been amazing, it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Garvit: Our vision regarding our professional lives were really, really matching a lot, that’s when we decided to work as a duo. We compliment each other very well.

Stream the EP here:

As an independent artist, how important it is to come out with an EP when you have an option to release the tracks one by one?

Garvit: I think it is a good decision. But before that building up your face value or say your name by way of releasing singles was a conscious choice. And then coming up with a good EP made sense.

Priyansh: As an independent artist, you don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t know where your music is going to be streamed and if people are going to like it or not. When you release an EP, the chances of people listening to your music increases, they can listen to other tracks as well so the traction towards your music increases. Releasing singles independently is very easy at this point. You can work on a track for a month and then release it next month and then start working on the next track again. But releasing four tracks is actually not that easy but putting out an EP is a much sweeter, much better feeling. I would always recommend people to go for an album or an EP, collaborate with people and explore this side because singles can always work but an EP basically increases your chances, increases your presence in the industry or in music overall.

Well, just like the title of the EP ‘Lafz’, the conversation also had some very meaningful words from the duo. While we sit back and look forward to more music from the duo, now is the time to stream ‘Lafz’ on a loop!

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