April 2024: Of Collaboration, Sound and Mumbai Magic: Shalmali, Natania and Subhi

Shalmali, Natania and Subhi came together for ‘Mumbai Magic’ on Desi Trill. A song that captures the essence of Mumbai, a City of Dreams and Hustle, ‘Mumbai Magic’ has a sound that is bound to keep you hooked. We had an interaction with the artists to delve deeper into the song, the vibes and their work for our April Digital Cover Story. Read more to know what they said:

What’s the connection between Desi Trill and Mumbai Magic?

Natania: Desi Trill is a new label and a new genre of music which merges the two cultures that could be Hip Hop from the West, Latin music, etc. and Indian music from back home. It gives a whole new dimension for Indian music to explode.

Shalmali, how was the song challenging and/or exciting for you?

Shalmali: It was very exciting, it is eclectic in its treatment. Its neither an out and out melodic or a dance track, but it has a beat sitting on top of everything. When you talk about Mumbai there is always a talk about the pace of the city. The beat and the speed at which the city moves, seems like a fitting marriage. The sound of the song gives you a feeling of being in motion at all times, it sounds new.

Watch the song here:

Subhi, being from Delhi, how much could you relate to the song?

Subhi: Natania and I have been frequent songwriting collaborators now. When we first heard the Mumbai Magic beat, we all went crazy and started thinking on what to write. The parts that I have sung and co-written are exactly what I feel about Mumbai. It’s a city of Dreams, you can shape your life the way you want to. As an outsider when I saw places like houses of Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and more, they literally translate to the line I have written “Sun Banjaare, Yahan Se Nikalte Taare”.

Photo Credit: Artist and the Label

Shalmali, how do collaborations benefit the ecosystem per se?

Shalmali: It expands your horizon! If you keep working with your friends, the same music producers, writers, composers, you will end up sounding the same for eternity. The journey from not opening up yourself to being your vulnerable self, working together and sharing experiences brings so much value to one another. While I am engaged as a vocalist on this track, I have been involved in the song itself as a part of it. When you come on board as a vocalist for a song, it is more like a playback, but with Mumbai Magic, it is a collaboration that I have experienced and worked on.

Photo Credit: Artist and the Label

Natania, as a creator, how do you define the success of a song?

Natania: The first thing for me is, as a creator, if you are proud of what you have created. Because if you are not, then, even if the song is a commercially trending one, you will miss that connection. The second thing for me is how much is the song able to connect with the others and their lives. There are obviously the numbers and streams, but for me connection is the thing that drives success.

Photo Credit: Artist and the Label

Subhi, you are from Delhi and the song is Mumbai Magic. Does the name limit its appeal to people from Delhi?

Subhi: Even if the song is called Mumbai Magic, there are a lot of things that connect people all over. The traffic in general is relatable, Maggie Masala is relatable. I think when we are listening to a song, we are not fixated too much about the city reference. I don’t think words are a barrier and that the name of the song hinders the growth of it. There are Punjabi, Gujarati songs breaking barriers.

What’s next from here?

Natania: I am starting my artist project which I am very excited about. My first single is to come out in June, it’s a solo single. I have a lot of music coming out this year, Subhi will be one of the feature artists there as well. Apart from that, songwriting keeps going on.

Subhi: I have a few songs lined up, one featuring Natania, slated to come out soon. It’s a new sound for me and a new artist image projection of who I am. There are more songs in the process of release, and we will share more details as they come.

Shalmali: I have a song, ‘The Way You Move’ that Natania and David have written and produced respectively. There is an EP which is in making, of 4 songs!

Well, with so much coming up and ‘Mumbai Magic’ already creating the buzz that it is, it will be worth waiting for what’s in the store. Till then keep streaming and loving as there is something about ‘Mumbai Magic’.

Article by Vishwa Deepak Dikshit

Photo Credit to the artists and the label

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