Evolution is much needed both in life and in artistry: Ikka

One of the most phenomenal commercial rises that one has seen in the recent years is none other than that of Ikka. Having been in the industry for many years, Ikka is an unstoppable force now and a brand to reckon with. You can find him everywhere, be it MTV Hustle, Tours, Shows, Singles, Albums, you name it, and Ikka is there. His upcoming album, Only Love Gets Reply, has been creating a huge buzz for past few weeks. We had an interaction with him recently around the album, check out what he has to say.

‘Only Love Gets reply’, tell us more about this album.

This album consists of about 10-11 songs. It is under final stages of screening and is expected to release towards mid of May. It took me some time to put this album together. There are some good collaborations, hence, the lyricism had to be in the right zone, planning video for songs had its own time schedule. With an album of the scope that ‘Only Love Gets Reply’ has, putting everything together takes time and has its own pace which can’t be forced.

Tell us about the focus on collaboration that you have put for this album.

I have always been collaborating with artists from my early days. I believe that when you collaborate your music, you make something unique. The artists that I have collaborated in this album are like family to me. With Bhushan Ji backing me up for my vision, pushing the envelope, it was the right time to bring artists like Diljit Dosanjh, Guru Randhawa, Badshah, Karan Aujla, etc. on board with me on this mega album.

Watch ‘Laadla’ here:

As an artist, what do you think is the uniqueness about ‘Only Love Gets Reply’?

My past two albums have been hard-core hip-hop albums. Only Love Gets Reply is a blend of commercial sound with Hip Hop treatment. I have made a lot of commercial music in the past which has been released as singles over years. This is for the first time that I have compiled my commercial sound in the form of an album.

What was the role of Bhushan Kumar in ‘Only Love Gets Reply’?

Bhushan Ji is the one who is instrumental behind making these things happen. I got a call one day from Shivam Chanana to meet Bhushan Ji. In the meeting, he (Bhushan Kumar) asked me to work with T-Series on album as well as singles, giving me the freedom to express. He had liked my songs earlier and T-Series, anyway, is like a family where I have worked in the past too. He gave me a much grander vision, which was something I always wanted to work on. And when Bhushan Ji says something, it is bound to happen and here we are!

The video production of Laadla is mind-blowing. How does video production become a catalyst towards a bigger vision for the artist?

When the production is bigger, your vision also takes a new leap. Working with Agam Mann and Azeem Mann was a great experience, we synch very well. For me, as a creator, the production helps me bring my thoughts into reality through cameras.

Which is the next song that you are planning to drop from the album?

The next song dropping from the album is with Karan Aujla. Tentatively it is planned for mid May, along with a video. That is also going to be the album release date for Only Love Gets Reply.

How has been the experience working with T-Series?

When my thoughts are becoming grander as a creator, it is important for me to have the support system that can make it come to reality. For me, a label like T-Series is a perfect match for it. Add to that, with new artists coming in, the scale is enhancing, the artistry is taking new directions, so it is always a good idea to upscale yourself and stay ahead of the curve. For all this, T-Series is one of the best choices around with the experience and expertise inherent in the system and working of the label.

Photo Credit: Ikka

Tell us about your collaborations with Diljit Dosanjh, Badshah, Karan Aujla, Guru Randhawa.

Working with artists like Diljit Dosanjh, Badshah, Guru Randhawa, Karan Aujla is like a mission which needs to be done with precision. With Diljit Paaji for example, it took me a month to conceptualise a track that would sound appealing to him. From Diljit Paaji, Guru Randhawa Bhai, Badshah Bhai to Karan Bhai, all the artists are influenced by Hip-Hop or are Hip Hop artists. To make tracks with them means working in a way that appeals to each of them individually to come onboard.

What has been the value addition of these collabs for the album?

The artists and their artistry both are value addition for me. First thing is that they have brought immense value creatively to the album. Secondly, when you have collabs this big, there is always a buzz around the album. Having said that, creative synch is the most important thing that adds value to the songs, which is the biggest take-away for me.

Is there an album tour in planning?

There is an India tour in the planning. One month after the album drops, we will kick-start the process. We will be covering all the major cities in the country. I will also try to go and perform in the cities where I haven’t performed yet. It will give me an opportunity to meet and enjoy with my fans, who I haven’t been able to touch base with.

What’s your take on Album vs Single?

I am from that era where we used to purchase cassettes and listen to the full album. There were no singles during that time. So, I really love making albums, as an artist. Album also lets you put a storyline together, it gives you (audience/listeners) an insight into the artist too. Singles have their own space and are fun to do. But for me, album takes the cake.

How have you sustained this longevity in your career?

Change is the only constant. Evolution is much needed both in life and in artistry. Diljit Paaji, Honey Bhai, Badshah Bhai inspire me a lot as they have been working for ages now and constantly evolving, giving hits and going strong as ever. Being with them has helped me also understand the nuances. The key is to keep yourself and your sound fresh.

Well, what can we say! Ikka’s sound never seems to go old, it is as fresh as the morning dew and it keeps resonating with you, growing with time. As we look to the release of the album, lets keep ourselves hooked on to Laadla, in anticipation of more hits to come. Remember, Only Love Gets Reply.

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