Wazir Patar’s EP ‘Keep It Gangsta’ on Def Jam India is his most authentic sound inspired by his people

Mumbai, 22nd September 2022: Rapper, Composer, Music Producer and Lyricist, Wazir Patar has released his latest EP that captures his notorious triumphalism of underground hip-hop and poetic storytelling. Released through Def Jam India, Wazir manifests himself as an iconic archetype of old-school gangsta rap who stays close to his roots and never apologizes for taking over the world.

Titled ‘Keep It Gangsta’, the five-track EP –Feel, Pind Da Riwaaz, Tattoo, Chup Chup, Wapis Mud De Nai. The EP is a personal repository of Wazir’s honest interactions with his people and his everyday life in Majha. Perhaps, Punjab’s culture, which he has influenced as much as he is inspired by it, is his greatest motivation. Wazir Patar traverses everything that he has felt in his avant-garde career yet and puts it in perspective through this five-track EP. Produced by him, the fearless lyricist puffs his chest at one moment and self-reflects at another. Carefully curating a brilliant collection of groovy sounds marked by his signature turbulent gestations, Wazir asserts his place after producing spectacular hard-hitting hip-hop for years.

Watch the video song here:

Wazir on his EP release shared, “‘Keep it Gangsta’ symbolises my own everyday experiences with my people and my culture, so it holds a very special place in my heart. I firmly believe that each of us has been given a unique purpose in life, and it is an incredible feeling to be able to express yourself through music. Def Jam India has given me a big platform for my songs, and I hope the audience loves the new EP and keeps supporting me as they always do”.

Recently, Def Jam India Recordings organized their first-ever album listening session in Mumbai, giving Wazir Patar’s fans and listeners an exclusive chance to listen to his unreleased EP before anyone else. The event was organized over the weekend and was open for all the audience and music lovers. The EP is a multi-faceted record that sees Wazir reveal much more than he usually does. Through impactful lyricism, he chooses his battles, opens up about his heartbreak and provides an enriching look into his life in Punjab and its fascinating culture. While doing so, he has stayed true to his iconic sound inspired by the 90s hip-hop in Compton, L.A. and beyond. Notably, he doesn’t leave his roots too as he gracefully samples native Indian instruments on the EP.

Def Jam India is Universal Music India’s new label division within India and South Asia dedicated to representing the best hip-hop and rap talent from the region. Def Jam India follows the blueprint of the iconic Def Jam Recordings label, which has led and influenced the cutting-edge in hip-hop and urban culture for more than 35 years.


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