Rajan Batra, popularly known as the frontman of The Yellow Diary releases his solo single ‘Saza’ on ffs

Mumbai, 22nd September 2022: ffs. presents ‘Saza’ by Rajan Batra who is popularly known as the frontman of The Yellow Diary. The song is impeccably written and composed by the artist himself.

Watch the song here:

Saza is a musical mélange of intense emotions and establishes a deep soulful connection. Saza is Rajan’s first official single as he sets forth on his solo career.

Rajan Batra’s unique tone bewitches thousands of people. His voice has a soothing effect that evokes multiple emotions. With The Yellow Diary, he has sung many amazing songs like Roz Roz, Tere Jeya Hor Disda, Sajni, and many more.

“In a moment, if love can make you feel as alive as you can be, it also possesses the power to show you the darkest parts of your reflection. Saza explores that moment when love gets questioned when doubts reign and peace stops existing. This song, for me, is a start of an exploration. A parallel journey where I explore the unknown by exposing myself to newer sonic territories and ideas that may have never been found, otherwise,” said Rajan Batra.

‘Saza’ is an exclusive release of ffs. and is now available on ffs.’ YouTube channel. It is also available on all streaming platforms worldwide for you to listen to!


ffs. is a sub-label of Times Music that will focus on independent artists and their music. ffs will aid independent artists to refine music production, creating exciting visual art, and multiplying their fanbase via social media, digital streaming platforms, YouTube, and short format video apps besides traditional and electronic media.​ Artists will benefit from Times Music’s industry-grade global digital distribution, Marketing, and worldwide music publishing.

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