VYRL Haryanvi ventures into Rajasthani hip-hop with Nit-C’s new single “OG Choro”!

Mumbai, 13th June 2024: After the triumphs in the Haryanvi music scenes, VYRL Haryanvi is all set to step into an unexplored region of Rajasthani hip hop with its much-anticipated song “OG Choro” by Nit-C. Rajasthani hip hop is experiencing growth and finding common ground with Haryanvi audiences in terms of culture and music preferences. Consequently, VYRL Haryanvi has taken the initiative to explore this aspect of regional hip-hop music.

Watch the song here:

“OG Choro,” is a musical marvel that masterfully melds the vibrant beats of Haryana and Rajasthan’s hip-hop and rap scenes. With bars that sparkle with raw authenticity, Nit-C takes listeners on a journey through his life, his relentless hustle, and the magnetic allure of the girl who’s captured his heart.

Reflecting on the nuances of the song, Nit-C Nakhrala says, “OG Choro is a collision of tradition and modernity, a fresh and fearless testament to the dynamic and evolving landscape of Indian hip-hop. This song is poised to be a soundtrack for a generation, echoing the vibrant spirit of the youth who embrace their roots while carving out their unique path”.

With each verse, Nit-C brings the essence of the streets alive, painting vivid narratives that resonate deeply with the listener.

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