Guri Lahoria drops his latest single “Who’s Next?” on VYRL Punjabi

Mumbai, 13th June 2024: Guri Lahoria is bringing the heat with his latest single, “Who’s Next?” This fire-breathing track is the ultimate flex for hustlers and go-getters everywhere. With his signature never-say-die attitude, Guri lays down the gauntlet and serves up a powerful declaration to the world: we may have haters, but we will never fold.

Watch the song here:

“Who’s Next? is for everyone who refuses to be held back, for those who rise above and keep pushing forward no matter what. I am here to remind all that the haters may hate, but the real ones will always keep hustling. I resonate with this song at every level, and I strongly believe it has high relatability value with today’s generation who never gives up. I am extremely excited for this one!” says Guri Lahoria.

Infused with hard-hitting beats and fiery lyrics, “Who’s Next?” is set to ignite the charts, it’s a raw and unapologetic song that captures the essence of hustle culture, where giving up is never an option, and the grind is real.

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