Anushka’s ‘Khushi Khushi’ resonates and captivates

Mumbai, 14th June 2024: Following her earlier hits like “Rebirth,” “Taboo,” and “Hurricane,” “Khushi Khushi” by Anushka Jag, a track that has been eagerly awaited by many, has delighted her fans. Anushka’s artistry has a fresh new experience for her audience. Anushka’s music stands out thanks to her unique voice and soul-stirring performances that reflect her diverse cultural influences. Her blend of exotic Indian melodies and rhythms has given rise to a music style that resonates globally, appealing not only to the expansive Indian diaspora but also crossing boundaries of race and age. Driven by the positive reception of her initial releases, Anushka has ventured into composing songs that have been crafted in prestigious music hubs like London and LA, collaborating with industry elites like Doyle Bramhall, known for his work with Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton. 

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track she says, “Khushi Khushi falls into a genre I call ‘spiritual pop’. In a nutshell the song is about keeping the key to your happiness in your own pocket… not someone else’s. This is the basis of Hindu philosophy which I’m a keen student of. While the theme is spiritual the lyrics are written in a contemporary, youthful style with a catchy, singable melody and modern production. The title is in Hindi, but the rest of the lyrics are in English so that it can also appeal to a wider audience. I wrote the song with my LA based producer Duddy Brown, and we recorded it there. I do believe that Khushi can appeal to a wide range of people since it’s very relatable”.

Her musical explorations have taken her to cities like New York and LA, where she immersed herself as a musical tourist, absorbing live performances, and collaborating with seasoned professionals in the guidance of Jennifer O Neil, an esteemed A&R consultant. Furthermore, Anushka’s collaborations with renowned figures such as Jennifer O’Neill, John Jones, Duddy Brown, Danni Poppitt, and Kyle Kelso showcase her commitment to crafting exceptional music. With each new project, Anushka continues to push boundaries, offering a musical journey that captivates audiences worldwide. Stream “Khushi Khushi” as it is yet another testament to Anushka Jag’s musical prowess and artistry.

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