“Thoda Thoda Pyaar” fame composer Nilesh Ahuja releases “Tumhe Chahte Hai”

Mumbai, 26th June 2023: Nilesh Ahuja, the rising talent in the entertainment industry, captured the hearts of millions with his sensational song “Thoda Thoda Pyaar Tumse.” This remarkable track not only featured the charismatic Bollywood actors Siddharth Malhotra and Neha Sharma but was also beautifully rendered by the talented singer Stebin Ben. Now, Nilesh Ahuja is ready to stun the world once again with his latest endeavour, his debut song as a singer titled “Tumhe Chahte Hai”.

Watch the song here:

With “Thoda Thoda Pyaar Tumse”, Nilesh Ahuja showcased his exceptional talent as a music composer, bringing together a stellar cast and collaboration. The song became an instant hit, garnering widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. Nilesh Ahuja’s adeptness at combining catchy melodies with heart-touching lyrics truly struck a chord with listeners, propelling him into the limelight. “Tumhe Chahte Hai” blends melodious tunes, poignant lyrics, and Nilesh Ahuja’s emotive voice. The track reflects the artist’s passion for storytelling and his ability to evoke a range of emotions through his performance. Nilesh Ahuja is also featured in the music video and exemplifies his artistic prowess and determination to push boundaries in the entertainment industry. This much-anticipated project showcases Nilesh Ahuja’s versatility and commitment to excellence, as he steps into new territory and embraces the challenges that come with it. His seamless transition from music production to singing demonstrates his talent and relentless pursuit of artistic growth.  

Speaking about his new song Nilesh says, “It was a fantastic experience making this song. I am doing a music video after a long time and this song has always been very special to me. It’s one of my favourite songs which I have composed and it has a very romantic and energetic vibe .We have used live instruments such as electric guitar to give it a ‘rockish’ vibe and flute to maintain the essence of the Indian melody. I have composed this song and the lyrics are by Kumaar Paaji . The song is released by 121Db records and Siddharth Khosla, directed by Honey Rai featuring Mrinmai Kolwalkar. For future projects, I have a few things in the pipeline, a few music videos with Zee Music and other labels and a few other singles with different artists as well. Hoping for the best for this song as well as other songs too!”

Check out the song and experience the world of Nilesh Ahuja!

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