Catch Satinder Sartaaj drop some French lyrics in his upcoming Punjabi single ‘Paris Di Jugni’!

Mumbai, 23rd June 2023: Get ready for a captivating love story set in the heart of Paris with Satinder Sartaaj’s upcoming single ‘Paris Di Jugni’ produced by T-Series. Capturing the essence of the French city in his Punjabi track, the pop sensation incorporates some couplets in the French language, making this an interesting listen!

This is Sartaaj’s first attempt with French lyrics and while it was initially decided that a French local would take on those portions, the Punjabi artist finally decided to take on the challenge of singing in French himself. A lot of prep went into this as the artist trained in the dialect, accent, pronunciation and other nuances of the language.

Talking about his experience says Satinder Sartaaj, “It was such a new world for me, mainly when you read French you would never able to pronounce the words as the French people do! After a few attempts I thought, if I am speaking it correctly why not to put my composing and singing ability into it…so that’s how it happened.” The artist adds jokingly, “I am hoping that people will shower love and appreciation with this attempt and who knows I may just get concert invitations from French people.”

Satinder Sartaaj’s ‘Paris Di Jugni’ is produced by T-Series. With music by Partners in Rhyme and mix and mastered by Sameer Charegaonkar, the song has been directed by Sunny Dhinsey and shot extensively across Paris. The track will be out on T-Series’ YouTube channel on the 26th June.

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