The Sacred Geometry are out with first release of the year “Amie”

Mumbai, 3rd January 2023: The Sacred Geometry is a difficult yet enthralling collaborative project of two architects / indie electronic artists / producers ” The Psy Owl ” and ” PRNV “. Coming from different styles and school of thoughts, this project is an amalgamation of granulated lofi sounds, sampling and signature elements and sounds inspired from old school hip hop by PRNV (a.k.a. Pranav Jadhav) with the ambient downtempo type flow, synthesised soundscapes and lush layered vocals of The Psy Owl (a.k.a. Siddhartha Ghosh).

“Amie” by The Sacred Geometry:

They have released their first song of the year “Amie”. Talking about the song they said, ” ‘Amie’ stands for ‘friend’ in French, which is the underlying influence of our song. The protagonist laments on the departure of his friend or Sakhi and doesn’t want her to leave. The main soul of the song lies in the saxophone melody and the vibrating brass sounds which form the backbone. This jazzy feel is complemented with House elements and a splash of Latin percussions which makes it very sensual and danceable at the same time. This amalgamation led us to explore the Nu-Jazz genre and would be the first time ever for us or anyone to attempt mixing Hindustani Classical with Nu-Jazz + House”.

Stream “Amie” on Inverted R – Indie Playlist on Spotify:

The ambient swells throughout the song, which gives a sense of anticipation and transitions from one section to another smoothly are created by reversing the piano sounds and adding a lot of reverb to fill in the space.

The Sacred Geometry project came into being during their years together in college and took a proper shape from India Film Projects’ 50 hour music challenge wherein they participated as a team in 2021 and have been working on tracks together ever since. Coming from an architectural background, the duo draws their inspiration from the golden ratio, biomimicry, parametric design among other concepts. The aim of the project is to invoke all the senses of the listener and to capture the fleeting essence of a space without boundaries; and the listener, perceiving everything from the centre of it all. They draw parallels from architecture to design their soundscapes; and the arrangement and composition relies on the use of number theories to get a more interesting outcome. 

As an electronic duo, The Sacred Geometry are mainly into IDM, Future house, Melodic house, Folktronica, Melodic Techno etc. and are slowly getting into sampling Hindustani classical music and Ragas as the backbone for their tracks and amalgamating it with electronic elements.

Listen to “Amie” and give your new year a fresh start!

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