Siddhant Bhosle is back with his new single ‘YUN’ in collaboration with Sanah Moidutty

Mumbai, 5th January 2023: After back-to-back hits like ‘Tu Hi Bata’ and ‘Nadaniya’, the singer songwriter Siddhant Bhosle is back with a new cozy romantic single ‘YUN’ in collaboration with Sanah Moidutty. The song is sung, composed and produced by Siddhant Bhosle featuring vocals by Sanah Moidutty, famously known for super hit songs like “Tu Hai”, “Sindhu Ma” of Hrithik Roshan starrer ‘Mohenjo daro’ and “Chol” of the magnum opus, Ponniyin Selvan – 1. She has also lent her voice to songs by legendary composers like A.R. Rahman, Vishal Shekhar, Sachin Jigar just to name a few.

Watch the song here:

‘Yun’ is a cozy pop song that captures the nostalgic feeling of being with your loved one. This chill romantic tune produces a warm and fuzzy vibe, perfect for the holiday season and the start of a new year. Siddhant Bhosle’s velvety voice, along with Sanah Moidutty’s dulcet tones make this duet incredibly soulful. The listener is Immediately drawn into the song’s intimacy with the lo-fi reminiscent piano tone and jazzy drum cues.

A chill romantic melody that blossoms a warm and fuzzy vibe, perfect for the holiday season. Siddhant Bhosle’s velvety voice along with Sanah Moidutty’s dulcet tones make their first duet together incredibly soulful. Siddhant elevates the song with his global pop sensibilities, adding dreamy lo-fi piano tones and jazzy drum cues.

About his overall experience working on this song, Siddhant expresses, “I’ve always wanted to make a song that captures the christmas/holiday vibe, and expresses the feeling of gratitude of being surrounded by people you love. I had just come home after spending 3 months working on my music in LA and this song was completed in a matter of a week – both audio and video. I was inspired by the festive spirit and just by the feeling of being back with family and friends”.

Sharing his experience on working on this song with Sanah Moidutty, Siddhant adds, “This is the first time Sanah and I have worked together on a project. We’ve been talking about collaborating and it finally came through in the form of ‘Yun’. I’ve always been a fan of her singing, and when I heard her sing her parts on Yun it was just perfect”. Siddhant Bhosle is an artist & songwriter from Mumbai, India. His music is a blend of modern pop with Indian influences. With songs both in Hindi and English Siddhant aims for this sound of ‘global pop’. With over 2M+ streams on his independent releases on Spotify, 400k Spotify monthly listeners. Currently working on his Hindi singles and English EP, the songwriter aims to populate 2023 with his original songs.

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