The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP) welcomes Sadhguru for a Powerful Arts Showcase

Asia’s largest school of hip-hop hosted the motivational leader as part of his Save Soil campaign

Mumbai, 17th June 20221: The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP), Asia’s largest school of hip-hop, welcomed motivational leader Jagadish Vasudev aka Sadhguru to volume 2 of their path breaking event, the Back 2 The Roots Jam. While volume 1 focused on turning hip-hop into a medium for environmental change, volume 2 of TDDP’s Back 2 The Roots Jam took it a step further to give back to the world through the revolutionary movement of hip-hop alongwith Sahdguru’s global campaign #SAVESOIL. Christened the Back 2 The Roots Jam, the event riffed on the elements of hip-hip (knowledge, emceeing, deejaying, breakdancing, graffiti and beatboxing) to encourage the world to engage with the urgent environmental crisis.

About the Back 2 The Roots Jam: Vol 2, Sadhguru says, “Dearest Children of The Dharavi Dream Project, so very touched by the generosity of your performance and the sweetness of your devotion to our Mother Soil. May the love in your hearts replenish the land of Maharashtra. Let us make it happen”.

For the TDDP X Sadhguru Back 2 The Roots Jam, the hip-hop school joined hands with Amara Nritya Kala Hansa aka ANKH, a school of Kathak. The two different schools united to present a unique showcase of breakdancing and kathak that represented the ethos of representation, harmony, improvisation and freestyle. The two historical genres of the arts melded together for an innovative performance that voiced the urgent issues of the world as well as celebrated the universe we inhabit. Through this presentation, TDDP, ANKH and Sadhguru hoped to exhibit how the diversity and fluidity of art can change lives and the Earth itself.

About the Back 2 The Roots Jam: Vol 2, TDDP Co-founder Dolly Rateshwar says, “Hip-Hop as an artform has always spoken to the power of truth and has been a strong medium of spreading real knowledge. At The 1st ever school of Hip-Hop, the talents contributed towards  the undying efforts of one of our eminent Thought Leader- Sadhguru and his most awakening campaign #SAVE SOIL keeping it real and informational”

The Back 2 The Roots Jam: Vol 2 opened with a spellbinding act by the TDDP crew and the ANKH kathak dancers wherein the rappers belted solid verses on the importance of saving soil while ANKH performed to the Kavitt or Paran which is a poem that strings together epithets of Lord Ganesha — the remover of obstacles. The dynamic breakdancers of TDDP then took to the stage to translate how the message of conserving our environment can start and spread from the streets. The enthralling set culminated with the audience joining the artists on stage for a celebration of the bounty of Earth that they all made a vow to respect and preserve.

Vol 2 of the Back 2 The Roots Jam ended with an inspiring Q&A session between Sadhguru and the talents of TDDP and ANKH that left all the attendees with much food for thought as well as a will to take action to engage with our environmental crisis.

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