Suryansh unveils “Tum Aana” inspired by Ted Chiang’s “Exhalation”

Mumbai, 1st July 2024: Suryansh has released his latest song, “Tum Aana”, drawing inspiration from a poignant short story in Ted Chiang’s book “Exhalation”. The track delves into themes of love, loss, and the unchangeable nature of fate.

“‘Tum Aana’ was born out of a deep connection I felt with the narrative of a man who travels to the past to save his wife, only to realize that fate cannot be altered,” Suryansh shared. “The emotional core of the story resonated with me profoundly, and I aimed to capture that complexity through minimalistic arrangements that allow the powerful lyrics to stand out”, he added.

Stream the song here:

Suryansh has showcased his multifaceted talents as a playback singer, composer, music producer, and arranger in blockbuster films like “Maidaan”, “Pippa”, “Mili”, “Mimi”, and “Atrangi Re”. His recent collaboration on the song “Baaja” from the movie “Amar Singh Chamkila” saw him working alongside legends such as A.R. Rahman, Irshad Kamil, and Imtiaz Ali.

Suryansh’s soul-stirring vocals and versatile skills have earned him accolades from industry giants, setting him on a path to captivate audiences globally with his unique blend of talent.

“Music has always been a medium for me to explore and express deep emotions,” Suryansh added. “With ‘Tum Aana,’ I hope to touch the hearts of listeners and convey the profound beauty and sadness of an unchangeable fate”.

“Tum Aana” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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