Akshath Acharya’s ‘Nadaaniyan’ music video charms the fans!

Mumbai, 1st July 2024: Following the unprecedented success of his latest single “Nadaaniyan,” Akshath Acharya continues to captivate audiences worldwide with a surprise music video release, further solidifying his impact in the music industry. The track has achieved remarkable milestones, positioning Akshath as a formidable force in the independent music scene.

Since its release, “Nadaaniyan” has achieved unparalleled success, topping Spotify Global Charts as the #1 most viral track and replicating this feat in key markets such as India, Pakistan, and the UAE. The song has amassed over 3 million views on YouTube and spurred a widespread trend on YouTube Shorts, with over 79K shorts featuring its official audio.

Watch the song here:

Notably, “Nadaaniyan” has made history for emerging artists by entering Spotify’s Top 200 most-streamed daily song charts, peaking at #11 in India with over 419K streams on June 14, 2024. It has also gained significant traction in Pakistan (#31) and the UAE (#132), underscoring its cross-border appeal, and growing international fanbase.

Celebrity endorsements from renowned figures like Remo, Sargun, and Surbhi have further propelled “Nadaaniyan” into popular culture, organically integrating the song into their respective platforms and amplifying its reach.

“Seeing ‘Nadaaniyan’ build real connections and take over global charts has been an incredible feeling,” says Akshath Acharya. “This song comes from a very innocent place and is inspired by the day-to-day nuances of a young romantic relationship, and witnessing its impact on listeners globally has been immensely inspiring. Success of this song really makes me believe in the power of authenticity and the impact of having a core community around an artist. I am immensely grateful for the love and support, and I dedicate this win to all my listeners. I’m excited to share a surprise music video of ‘Nadaaniyan’ with all of you who have showered so much love. Your encouragement fuels my passion to keep creating in a way which is true to me”.

Akshath Acharya’s success with “Nadaaniyan” underscores the growing influence of independent artists in today’s music landscape, marked by authenticity, quality production, and unparalleled fan engagement. As the song continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, Akshath remains committed to pushing creative boundaries and captivating listeners with his distinctive musical style. Nadaaniyan has dominated various digital platforms, becoming the #1 most Shazamed song in India and topping Discovery Song Charts, with over 1.5B plays in Instagram’s Audio Library and 3.9M creations across all Meta platforms.

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