Savneet Singh’s heartfelt song – Tu Hai Sab Hai to premiere on July 4th, produced by T-Series

Mumbai, 29th June 2024: Musician Savneet Singh, known for his captivating melodies, is set to release his latest song Tu Hi Sab Hai on July 4th. Produced by Bhushan Kumar, this track promises to enchant listeners with its heartfelt celebration of love.

Tu Hai Sab Hai is an ode to love, beautifully penned and soulfully sung by Savneet Singh. The song encapsulates the essence of deep affection, emphasizing the profound impact of a cherished partner in one’s life. With its touching lyrics and captivating melody, Featuring Palak Jaiswal and Karan Jotwani along with Savneet, the video will definitely resonate with couples who have experienced the transformative power of love.

Savneet Singh shared with great enthusiasm, “Creating Tu Hai Sab Hai with the esteemed T-Series label has been an extraordinary journey for me. I aimed to capture the profound emotions of love and how one person can truly become your world. I hope this song deeply resonates with everyone who listens to it”.

Tu Hai Sab Hai will drop on 4th July on the T-Series YouTube Channel.

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