Sukhe’s new track ‘Jogi’ is irresistible, out now on T-Series

Mumbai, 22nd June 2023: Punjabi Pop Star Sukhe is all set to ignite the dance floor with the electrifying track ‘Jogi’ produced by Bhushan Kumar. Composed and penned by Naagi, and beats produced by by Mnltx ‘Jogi’ is a fusion of captivating melodies and infectious rhythms. Directed by the talented Amanninder Singh, this vibrant song takes you on a musical journey through the mesmerizing elements of Dubai, from scenic desserts to pulsating dance floors and exclusive clubs.

Watch the song here:

With Sukhe’s signature musical flair and swag, ‘Jogi’ is guaranteed to make you move. What sets this track apart is the intriguing use of a sample from Romey Gills’ popular song “Jogiya,” adding a nostalgic touch that fans are sure to appreciate.

Says Sukhe, “I’m thrilled to present ‘Jogi’ to my amazing supporters. This track is a perfect blend of energy, rhythm, and style, designed to make everyone hit the dance floor. Get ready to groove like never before!” Mnltx adds to him and says, “We wanted to create a sound that combines the best of Punjabi pop with a modern twist, and I believe we have achieved just that. Written by the talented Nagii, “Jogi” brings together the creative genius of Sukhe along with a masterful composition.”

The music video is directed by Amanninder Singh, when asked about the song he says, “From the breathtaking landscapes of the desert to the pulsating energy of the dance floor and the exclusivity of a private club – we captured it all to elevate the overall experience of the track.”

Sukhe’s Jogi is produced by T-Series. With music and lyrics by Naagi, beats produced by by Mnltx, the song featuring Sukhe and directed by Amanninder Singh is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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