Street artist Man Mauji and artists from Wicked Bros surprise Badshah on World Music Day

Badshah and J Balvin’s – 50 feet graffiti of Voodoo is now in Lal Baug, Mumbai!


Mumbai, 21st June 2022: Badshah, J Balvin and Tainy’s international hit ‘Voodoo’ is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. To add up to this massive success, International Icon Dj Tiësto, and American Rapper Lil Baby have shown their love and featured on 2 unique versions of the track.

Watch the song here:

In an effort to celebrate India’s first iconic international collaboration – Voodoo – a bunch of extremely talented graffiti artists have imprinted the iconic tie up in the entertainment capital of India – Mumbai.

Watch the making of the 50 feet giant graffiti here:


Bringing to you the monumental feat now standing 50 feet tall, made possible by artists Wicked Broz and Man Mauji, a street artist from Delhi who joined forces to make it happen. This beast art can be found in Lal baug.

Graffiti is considered one of the four elements of hip hop, along with emceeing (rapping), DJing, and b-boying (breakdancing). Graffiti, like the other three elements, is an artform, a means of cultural expression.

4 talented artists came together to accomplish the 50-foot giant in the heat of the summer days in a quaint, timeless and iconic neighborhood of Lal baug. The 5 floor building had no elevator and all equipment, scaffolding, platform, lift and paints had to be carried by hand to the terrace.  This team of absolute legends brought the mural to life in 8 days.
To top it all The residents of the building, Sadanand Niwas were not only excited but extremely helpful and supportive of the art.
This one is for the culture and one of the firsts we have seen. Hoping to see more work from these amazing artists. Let’s take Desi Pop to the world!

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