Sona Mohapatra’s song “Jhoot Boliyaan” creates a stir on social media

The song has become massively popular amongst men and boys who are enjoying the song by creating reels

Mumbai, 18th June 2022: Sona Mohapatra’s latest melody Jhoot Boliyaan released by Warner Music India has garnered massive popularity from the audiences within just two weeks of its launch. The song has taken the internet and social media by storm and has been ruling the charts. Jhoot Boliyaan by Sanket Sane and Sona Mohapatra is a song celebrating men, who through centuries are known to write poems and sing love ballads for their female love interests but very rarely receive the same in return. With this thought, Jhoot Boliyaan was born and has now taken over Instagram where men are seen enjoying this tribute by dressing up and making reels just like their female counterparts.

“Jhoot Boliyaan” is a response to the popular song Chaand Baaliyan by Aditya Sirsa.  Sona Mohapatra recently shared the making of the song on her Instagram. It so happened that she loved  Chaand Baaliyan so much that she  reached out to Aditya on Instagram, where she got to know that this young talent works in a lab and is not a full time musician. However, she spoke to him, complimented him on the song and said that it deserves a response from the girl as well and that she will give a response to his Chaand Baliyan in typical Sona style. Thus, Jhoot Boliyan was born. Both Aditya and Sona also indulged in a joyful interaction on their gram and Aditya’s excitement on Sona’s song is visible form his smile and all the gratitude that he expresses.

Sona Mohapatra on how the song Jhoot Boliyaan came into being-

Speaking about her dedication to all the men who have sung love ballads for women through decades, Sona shared “The desi music pop-culture soundscape is replete with love letters, love songs & ditties celebrating the beauty of women & what it feels when Cupid strike a man. I heard another such love song in the insta-verse that filled me with joy for its simple colloquial lyrics & lovely tune, Chaand Baliyaan by musician Aditya Sirsa. While I loved his song I felt that it deserved a response, from the ladies! Jhoot Boliyan, was my response to the men-folk strumming their guitars singing us love ballads. I am over-joyed to see the response that we have been getting for the song and more so to see so many men celebrate themselves through those wonderful reels. For a change we are seeing men dress up, look suave and dapper and groove to a song. From women playing dress up with them, now its men posting reels of dressing up with them for various occasions on Jhoot Boliyan. It’s like a breath of fresh air and I am totally loving it. “

Jhoot Boliyaan song link –


Aditya Bisra has shown his gratitude and happiness by thanking Sona Mohapatra on her Instagram post where she has mentioned about the making of Jhoot Boliyaan as a response to Aditya’s Chaand Baliyaan,

Check the song out and enjoy making reels!

Photo credit to Sona Mohapatra’s Social Media

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