Sparsh Dangwal’s latest track ‘She/Her’ paints a stark yet relatable picture

Mumbai, 24th February 2023: After hitting the popularity charts with his singles like 24, Live Your Dream, Summer Time and Not Just Dreaming breakout Indie artist Sparsh Dangwal has released his latest single She/Her. This single is the lead single from his upcoming EP called Digitalover. This track paints a stark yet relatable picture of being in a one-sided relationship, where one realizes that their partner is in it only because of their fame or lifestyle. Sparsh’s signature sound pairs well with his lucid yet hard-hitting song writing, creating a mature production that stands up to global music standards. The song also provides an exciting juxtaposition between its upbeat rhythm and melancholic song writing.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track Sparsh says, “We’ve all felt that special connection, which means more to us than the other person. It’s a heartbreaking realization. But this isn’t a sad song. It’s a shoutout to all who have experienced this, a song about realization, self-worth, and a way of moving on.”

This Chandigarh based singer-songwriter Sparsh Dangwal had made a reputation for himself in the music industry with his distinctive fusion of pop, hip-hop, and indie sounds.

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