“Segreto” by PURPLE X feat. Nahaze & Josh Carter, an intriguing song that reflects the artist’s reggaeton soul

Mumbai, 24th February 2023: PURPLE X releases a new single “Segreto” feat. Nahaze and Josh Carter, an intriguing and persuasive song that reflects the reggaeton soul of the artist, with Believe Music Italia. The imagery of “Segreto” is closely linked to the toxicity of contemporary society and its manipulative power, where everything is programmed in speed-up mode and the human being is frantically subjected to a multitude of stimuli, feeling the influence. Nothing, today, is more stable and durable, everything can change at any moment, upsetting plans and betraying expectations. Relationships are not excluded from this dynamic either, which often falter and seek satisfaction and nourishment elsewhere.

“With this song I talk about attraction, sex and secrets, elements that, when combined together, can convey emotions so strong as to give us an adrenaline rush, because walking on a razor’s edge, as dangerous as it is, makes us feel alive.” says PURPLE X

Watch the song here:

Purple X, aka Davide Sacco, is a young reggaeton singer from Pavia born in 1999. He took his first steps in the music world in 2020 with the song “Criminal” that received a good response, conquering the passage on the radio in the format ‘Say Waaad?’ by Michele Wad Caporosso. Subsequently, in 2022, he published the song “Moon”.

With a clear reggaeton and Latin background, Purple X juggles the multiple branches of Latin pop, going from the most classic reggaeton, from dembow to more pop versions and in line with the Italian market. All this makes him one of the most interesting ‘reggaetoneri’ of the Italian scene and with the prospect of a broader vision that gives him the opportunity not to set limits and not necessarily remain tied to the musical sphere of belonging. Today, he releases “Segreto” feat. Nahaze for Believe Music Italia, the first song since his entry into the roster of the management agency MilanoK3.

Stream the song on Spotify here:

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