Prateek Kuhad gives voice to Shashwat Sachdev’s romantic composition “Kaisi Jaadugari”

The song releases ahead of Shashwat’s album drop – SHA

Mumbai, 24th February 2023: Following the success of his recent indie hits, “Baaton Baaton Main” and “Awaara Ho”, Shashwat Sachdev has teamed up with the one of the most celebrated Indie musicians of our times, Prateek Kuhad, to create a romantic track titled “Kaisi Jaadugari”—making this the final track of his album, “SHA” with IndieA Records.

“Kaisi Jaadugari” is an ode to the magic of finding the love of your life. Shashwat has composed, wrote, and produced this beautiful love song. Coupled with the mesmerizing voice of Prateek Kuhad and masterful guitar work in the song, this one makes for a soothing listen for audiences.

Stream the song here on YouTube:

Sharing his thoughts on the collaboration, Shashwat Sachdev shared, “Imagery is a very important part of my poetry and music. The song is a personal song that I wrote and composed a long time ago. Prateek Kuhad is a name that everyone knows but as a composer I realise every time I work with him that he is one of the best and most proficient musicians in the world. His singing is effortless and his accompanying guitaring skills are comparable to the greats. This is a single time performance capture in that that it is with him singing, performing and finger picking his guitar in the studio in a single take. That’s exactly what you hear.  For me it’s an interpretation of a string quartet playing romance and Prateek singing parts of a violin.” 

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Both Shashwat Sachdev and Prateek Kuhad are big believers of sensitive lyrics that conjure up beautiful imagery, and of unconventional arrangement of music. There is ample proof of this in “Kaisi Jaadugari”, making for a perfect collaboration.

Talking on the release of “Kaise Jaadugari”, Prateek Kuhad shared, “Shashwat and me go way back, we actually have known each other since Jaipur! We worked on this song almost a decade ago in his studio in Mumbai when we were both kind of starting our journey in music and it’s crazy that it’s finally out. He’s a really talented artist and Kaisi Jadugari is such a sweet song.”

Check it out and have a great time!

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