Sonu Nigam’s ‘I Believe Music’ releases a special track titled ‘Mahashivratri’

The track is sung and composed by Aishwarya Nigam, while it’s co- sung by Sandeep Narayan and Deepali Sahay

Mumbai, 22nd February 2022: Since its launch, Sonu Nigam’s label ‘I BELIEVE MUSIC’ has been synonymous with beautiful, thought provoking and insightful Independent music. In just a couple of years since its inception, the label and its success have added another feather to Sonu Nigam’s illustrious cap. Going forward with their idea of releasing topical and meaningful tracks, I believe music’s recently released track is called ‘Mahashivratri’. With the auspicious night around the corner, the track will, in its inimitable way, give listeners the true essence and the spiritual and religious significance of the festival. The track is released by I believe music in association with Aishwarya Nigam and is dedicated to Sadhguru and the Isha Foundation.

Interestingly, the track is a beautiful blend of Hindi, Tamil and Bhojpuri lyrics that are bound to take the listeners on a trip down memory lane in the most soulful manner.

The song has been sung by Aishwarya Nigam, Deepali Sahay and Sandeep Narayan, all of whom are disciples of Sadhguru and Isha Foundation and have hence dedicated the track to the same.

Aishwarya Nigam, says “From the beginning till we finished the song and even now I feel everything is happening on its own. I expirenced the hands of divine functioning through us. The first tune which came through me was “SHAMBHO” and then Deepali strongly inspired me with her thought behind the song. This is the only song which attempts to explore the spiritual significance of the Mahashivratri night. To collaborate with a carnatic maestro, Sandeep Narayan was very enriching for the song He is a blessed musician. We three offered our best. I wish this reaches everyone who seeks in life. My favourite part of the song is when the bhojpuri blends in. It will hit you hard. It is for the very first time that Hindi, Tamil and Bhojpuri have come together in a song. And the whole experience reached to a different level when Mr. Sonu Nigam came on board and took charge. It is an overwhelming experience for the entire team that our music is being released by I BELIEVE MUSIC label. This is not a song. This is an offering to Sadhguru, Adiyogi and the life which we are. Shambho”.

Check the song out and behold the glory of Adiyogi!

One thought on “Sonu Nigam’s ‘I Believe Music’ releases a special track titled ‘Mahashivratri’

  1. Mallika Allu says:

    What an awesome song. I am not proficient in either of the languages, but I am listening to this song since its release almost daily. Can I know the lyrics of this song. Not in those languages but in english. Would love to humm this song. What a divine creation. Thank you.

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