Peekay collaborates with Andrea Tariang to Remind people how powerful they are in “SUNSHINE ON THE STREET”

Mumbai, 16th February 2022: Four successful singles down since 2020, Peekay is back with a fresh Pop tune and this time in collaboration with one of the country’s most celebrated singers and beloved actress from the Bollywood movie “Pink” –  Andrea Tariang. With a slew of successful releases under her hat as well, including her latest release, “Circle Game”- Andrea was thrilled to be able to do a “North-East & South India” long-distance collaboration.

It began with Andrea penning down the beautiful lyrics to the song which were a very honest and humble testament to the truth our generation lives with, which is “we don’t know where we truly fit in and we go through awkward phases in life but at the end of the day all we can do is love and be loved”.

After adding her sauce to the lyrics, including her favorite line “I’m enough for me” – Peekay composed the tune on her guitar and after a little back and forth with musicians Zed, Leon & Vincent, the song was ready to be sent to production. A no-brainer by this point, “Sunshine On The Street” was whizzed off to Peekay’s favorite producer – Jonathan Edward. The brains behind “You Don’t Have To” & “Dunno” – Eddy worked his magic on the final output yet again. The track was then mastered by
Hyderabad-based producer, Daniel Meshac. The final result: a love-filled song which ended up being the girls’ dedication to all
their friends, especially those from the LGBTQIA+ community.

The opening lines set the tone with the song “I may not be for everyone but I’m more than enough for me. I may not fit in everywhere, but that’s alright with me…” Straight off the bat, the listener is drawn in because, let’s face it – that is everyone’s testament! The tune is dreamy and transports you to the beach!

This sunny, love-filled, Pop duet has Andrea’s and Peekay’s vocals dazzling through the verses and harmonizing in such a way that the story ends up being a narration of humble emotion and a reminder to everyone out there who feels like they aren’t
accepted by society – that they are indeed created from love, filled with love and have the power to spread love, happiness and acceptance to those around them.

Stream the song in the Inverted R – Indie Playlist on Spotify now!

Being an Art Director and Graphic Designer – Peekay loves working with 3D elements and color in her music videos. As always, the 3D backgrounds and props were designed by Daniel Sharma and the live props were sourced from her childhood friend (Tripthi’s) store – Aquarelle. These elements paired with a cast of beautiful friends of Andrea’s and Peekay’s were the perfect combo to create visual poetry – a dedication to love and equality. A glam affair portrayed in the Hyderabad leg of the video and a fun Pajama party portrayed in the Meghalaya leg of the video – the girls truly had a blast!

Peekay collaborated with hyderabad-based gender fluid fashion label, “Kothacheru” for the wardrobe of the Hyderabad leg of the video and was honoured to have legendary Hair & Make Up artist, Sachin Dakoji on the team as well. The models were styled by Kothacheru founder, Madhu Janakiram and the team had tons of support from friends and partners at the shoot. This was indeed a labour of love in every way.

All the models in the video are friends and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community in Hyderabad & Meghalaya. All the togetherness, singing, dancing & goofing around in the video are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Song Credits

Written and composed by Peekay & Andrea Tariang
Produced by Jonathan Edward
Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Meshac

Arrangements, Guitars and Keys: Zediah Hynniewta
Bass: Leon Wallang
Drums: Vincent Tariang

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