SMG and Real Boss collaborate with VYRL Punjabi for EP “When We Ride”

Mumbai, 30th November 2023: Sardari Music Gang (SMG) is set to redefine the landscape of Hip-Hop with their latest EP, “When We Ride,” introducing a fresh approach that seamlessly merges inventive lyrics with contemporary sounds.

In their pursuit of pushing the boundaries of Hip-Hop, “When We Ride” stands as a testament to SMG’s commitment to innovation. The EP promises audiences an immersive experience into the group’s distinctive fusion of cutting-edge lyrics and new-age musicality.

Watch ‘Gang Business’ here:

The lead track, “Gang Business,” sets the tone with its high-energy vibe, featuring uplifting lyrics complemented by innovative music. Each of the four artists—Big Kay, Baggh-E, Farmaan—delivers an extraordinary verse, ensuring a captivating and astonishing journey for listeners.

Comprising three talented artists—Big Kay, Baggh-E, and Farmaan—SMG, also known as Sardari Music Gang, is a musical force originating from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Currently residing in Australia and the UK, the trio has been deeply involved in music since their early days, channelling their passion into the creation of unique genres like New School Music. They seamlessly blend hardcore Punjabi statements with modern Hip-Hop, showcasing their distinctive mindset and artistic vision.

As SMG and Real Boss release “When We Ride,” they invite music enthusiasts to join them on this ground-breaking journey, where tradition meets innovation, and the future of Hip-Hop takes a bold new shape.

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