Singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar releases new pop single ‘kyun hota hai?’, says it about feelings & metamorphosis

Mumbai, 1st July 2022: New Delhi-based singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar has released her new single ‘kyun hota hai?’ The soft pop track highlights the self-taught composer-writer’s eclectic potential and contemporary singing style. With smooth harmonies and playful music, ‘kyun hota hai?’ convinces its listeners to smile and want to sing and dance along. Mumbai-based talented producer Pranay Parti has produced the single.

Tanmaya, who writes about relationships and everyday life in her songs, has penned ‘kyun hota hai?’ from her own experiences. The lively song, which does good job on the vocals, and brings about the right balance of fun and charm to it, is about “a feeling”.

Watch the song here:

“You know when you’re just beginning to be happy with your own company? Not needing or wanting anyone? You’re on the path of healing and moving on. But then suddenly, when you least expect it, you meet someone and you fall head over heels in love. But you’re still caught up in the past memories of a different relationship, your new found love for yourself and this new companionship pushes you to want to deep dive again and love carefree without fear or judgment. This new love and positive energy almost transports you to a different world. You’re happy, excited and thrilled – it‘s a new beginning. It’s metamorphosis. kyun hota hai? germinated from that feeling,” says Tanmaya, who released her debut Hindi Single ‘Kya Tum Naraaz Ho?’ in April 2020, which catapulted her into the music industry, garnering millions of streams organically.

Tanmaya has explored a new genre with her new single ‘kyun hota hai?’. She doesn’t believe in restricting herself to one space or genre. “The current song is a first for me. I’ve really explored a new space, way of songwriting. I really wanted to try something new and take inspiration from music that made me feel really good and made me want to dance. Most of my music has melancholic topics and I write a lot about being emotion and bare it all most times and but I felt like it was taking an emotional toll on me and I think when you take real time inspiration from your life the mood of the song automatically takes shape! I really had a ton of fun writing ‘kyun hota hai?’. It sounds mainstream and pop but I stuck to my songwriting style. ‘kyun hota hai?’ has a deeper meaning for me,” says 28-year-old Tanmaya.

As someone, who takes inspiration from artists like Elliott Smith, Patrick Watson, Lucy Rose, Lucy Rose, Laura Marling, The Staves, Lizzy McAlpine, and her mother (her main source of inspiration), Tanmaya plays the guitar, ukulele and writes songs in both English and Hindi.

“There are so many artists that have inspired me and my songwriting style. My taste in music is quite mixed and diverse and of course, it keeps evolving. I adore Lizzy McAlpine and I would love to collaborate with her. Also, I have started to enjoy more pop records and artists like Raveena, Joy Crookes, Amber Mark, and Alina Baraz,” says Tanmaya, who’s also a graphic designer and model.

After ‘Kya Tum Naraaz Ho?’, which made her one of the talking points in the indie scene, Tanmaya followed it up with a few more singles. Her sensational and emotional four-track debut EP ‘Wherever I Go, I’d Like To Be All I Need’ is soothing to the ears.

She received immense praise from her fans as the young music composer and songwriter. Her emotions were out again in ‘Raat Adhoori’, her first Hindi single in March 2021.

Named as top five female indie artists in the country in 2021 by Spotify India, Tanmaya has signed a major record deal with Sony Music’s sub label called Day One. She has also released a song, Sapne in January 2022. The Nashik-born singer-songwriter has even collaborated with indie artiste Sanjeeta Bhattacharya for the soul-stirring track, Itne Pyaar Se. “Music is not just passion, but a powerful means of expression for me,” says Tanmaya, who is presently learning to play the piano.

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