Abhilasha Ojha’s new single, “Panaahon Mein” is a song of longing and hope, stream across all major platforms

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New Delhi, 2nd July 2022: Mesmerising and charming Abhilasha Ojha has recently released “Panaahon Mein” on the occasion of World Music Day. Rich in both melody and lyrics, Panaahon Mein is a romantic ballad that shows how the protagonist lovingly talks about her lover. She longs for her loved one and talks about the impact of love on her senses. The song has a haunting, intriguing quality to it, and it is left to the listener’s interpretation whether the loved one is with her or not. In that sense, Panaahon Mein is a song of both, longing and hope, conveying through its singing, a contemplative mood.

Watch the song here:

The song brings together the formidable partnership of Anurag Mishra, Hrishi Giridhar, Ronkini Gupta, and Abhilasha Ojha. Anurag, one of the finest musicians in the country, himself a singer, lyricist, and composer who is fresh from the success of his album Lifaafe, has composed Panaahon Mein. Ronkini, one of the biggest names in Indian classical music today, has written the lyrics of the song while Hrishi, Masters in Economics from London School of Music, who is now a full time musician, has mixed and mastered the track. Hrishi and Anurag are working on various OTT series.

The vocalist of the song, Abhilasha Ojha, has been a former journalist who worked in Business Standard, Indian Express, HT City, and Mint before moving to DAG, one of the leading art galleries of the country as production editor (consultant). While her independent journalism stint continues, it was her passion for singing, which she has been doing from her childhood days, that finally took precedence.

Abhilasha has performed for prestigious events such as Kasauli Literature Festival besides various private shows. Her initiative A Melodious Room was born out of her interest in performing old Hindi classics in the comfort of people’s living rooms in intimate gatherings. She recently performed at Trialogue Theatre Company’s studio with the legendary Susmit Sen, former founder of Indian Ocean, one of the oldest, successful bands of the country.

While she continues to learn music from her gurus (both Hindustani classical, shabad kirtan, Western vocal), she also teaches music with the sole purpose of passing on the learning to future generations. She is also in the process of building a database of folk songs of northern India that are told from women’s perspective, highlighting their strength and how such songs empower women. Abhilasha strongly believes that music has a healing power to pull people out of depression, a power that she’s experienced in her own personal life.

Anurag and Abhilasha are continuing to work together towards producing other original music and their next release will be in August 2022. The duo believes in contributing to the indie genre and growing it with zero compromise on quality of the music, lyrics, and performances.

Check out her song and enjoy the unfiltered, unadulterated form of music.



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