Singer-songwriter MIDORII, from Matera-Italy, released her Third Single “Girotondo”, available across major streaming apps

“Girotondo”, a transversal and universal message which encompasses the fears and truths of all

Mumbai, 8th November 2021: MIDORII released her third single “Girotondo” for VISORY Records on Friday 5th November. After her debut with “Salto” released last January and “Saturno” released in April, the singer-songwriter from Matera returns to talk about herself with the most important song of the project, the one that embodies all the essence of MIDORII.

“Girotondo is a personal challenge, to accept what happens to us in life, because we don’t always have the power to choose everything we live by” – says MIDORII – “The challenge is to travel around the world together, accepting what we encounter in the path of our life, not with resignation but with resilience. Girotondo is a transversal and universal message that brings together everyone’s fears and truths. It is a dialogue with life, with destiny. However, I like to leave the listener the freedom to interpret this song in a ‘tailored’ version. I want everyone to feel it, as comfortable as a beautiful silk dress. ” – she concludes.

“My ambition is clarity”, “Happiness is a swing” sings MIDORII in her low-fi pop style parable. Happiness rises and falls, always in the balance, but serenity is something that can be achieved by knowing and welcoming. A dialogic and introspective journey, in search of stoic universal values ​​such as clarity and serenity, attributable to the philosophical concept of “moderation”, the moderation that springs from the Aristotelian right means. “If you don’t come around without you”, once again MIDORII’s lyrics turn out to be intense and meaningful, directed towards self-sufficiency, balance, truth and strength to go forward always and in any case.

Listen to “Girotondo” here:

MIDORII is an Italian singer-songwriter, born in 1991. She studied jazz and violin at the Conservatory of Matera and performs with jazz projects both in Italy and around the world. She obtained a post-graduate master’s degree from Saint Louis Music College in Rome. In 2013 she began her solo collaboration with Rai for the concert on 2nd August 2013 in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, with the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, broadcast on Rai 3 and Rai Radio 3. The collaboration with Rai continues as a chorister, in the programs; Domenica In (2017), The year that will come (2019 and 2020) and Happy Birthday Pippo. On 31st July 2019 she performed as a chorister together with the Orchestra of Maestro Gerardo Di Lella, on the occasion of a live by Tony Hadley, frontman of Spandau Ballet. 2020 consecrates the partnership between Achille Lauro and Midorii, chorister for the songs, “Me ne Frego”, “Bam Bam Twist” and for the album “1920 – Achille Lauro & The Untouchable Band”. On January 1st, 2021 she released her first single “Salto” for the Visory Records label, followed by the single “Saturno” on April 23rd, 2021. On September 18th, she opened the concerts of Gaia and Il Tre at the Theater Villa Peripato of Taranto. On November 5th, 2021 she released her third single “Girotondo”.

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