Lil Idli’s 2nd Song from their album “Mitochondria” “Allergic” touches upon human and planet Earth’s ever changing equation

Mumbai, 29th October 2021: Chicago-based Lil Idli – the project of artistic duo Ranjani & Deepak – marks their return with a new single and video, “Allergic.” It is the band’s second release from their upcoming album Mitochondria, after introducing their radiantly expressive style through their first single “Little Girl”. Originally written as a breakup ballad, “Allergic” explores heartbreak as an allegory to witnessing our weathering planet.

Watch the song here:

The song, and its lush video directed by notable Indian-American filmmaker Sanjana Sekhar, shares a lesson in reciprocity – that how we treat each other is mirrored in how we treat and interact with nature. The video features Prabhakar acting in two dichotomous roles — one as flourishing abundance and the other, brutal scarcity – begging questions about human relationships to each other and to nature; at a time when understanding our interconnectedness is crucial to our future on Earth. “It’s deeply personal to us that a song about love & loss has as much to do with climate change as it does with an aching heart,” says Gopinath. “At the core of our global crisis is not simply that the earth is warming, but that spiritual and cultural identities have been devastated in the process. Music pulls from personal grief so often, and our relationships are not limited to romantic ones. In “Allergic”, we’re exploring our relationships to ourselves, to each other, and to the land all at once, and asking the painful question of what happens when these relationships are broken”.

Lil Idli creates a genuine and powerful sense of urgency and introspection in listeners, as Prabhakar sings, “When you left / no birds sang / I was left to do everything when I was hurtin’.” The band’s sophomore track is a highly provocative, heart-breaking blues ballad, and is performed with an exquisite degree of passion and unbreakable spirit. Lil Idli proves their music is a moving production of emotion– an unwavering commitment to evolve our collective consciousness with introspection, collective love, and resolve. This project is a heartfelt, noteworthy piece that beautifully reflects the times we are in.

Watch the song, enjoy the music and take home the message with Lil Idli’s “Allergic”!

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