Sharanya Ghosh’s ‘Mann Bawra Re’ is enchanting and aesthetically beautiful

Mumbai, 21st December 2023: Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Sharanya Ghosh takes you on an enchanting journey with her latest release, “Mann Bawra Re”. The song, written, sung, and composed by Sharanya, aesthetically weaves elements of Indian semi-classical music with contemporary rhythms, drawing the listeners to reflect on the theme of man’s relentless pursuit of life. Sharanya’s expressive vocals, synthesized with the striking Sitar solos by Mehtab Ali Niazi and the soulful harmonies on the Sarangi by Vanraj Shastri, create an enriching experience.

The music video directed by Sharanya captures the heart of Mumbai, depicting the cyclical rhythm of the fast-paced life and questioning what it is that man chases in this monotony.

Watch the song here:

The video enters a unique sphere by creating a mosaic of the city life and a contemporary approach to Odissi Classical Dance, artistically performed by dancer Tamanna Tanna. Speaking about the track Sharanya says ” Mann Bawra Re enters a realm of transcendental space where nothing but the abstract beauty of the unknown is embraced. This project truly represents an organic extension of my aesthetics as a songwriter. Art holds the power to convey abstract ideas through different mediums. The purpose of music for me has always been to communicate or connect with myself on the purest level, leading to the discovery of something beautifully unknown.

It was an incredible experience to create Mann Bawra Re and I feel fortunate to have on board some extraordinary artists who agreed to collaborate on this project with me. Brilliant instrumentalists of our generation, Vanraj Shastri and Mehtab Ali Niazi elevated the dynamics of the song to another level, the master audio engineer Kohinoor Mukherjee who is undoubtedly one of the leading sound engineers of the Indian Music Industry, and of course the exceptional dancer and choreographer Tamanna Tanna, who wove a story through her graceful movements. The Sarangi by Vanraj echoed the emotion of the song and added soul to the track while the vibrant Sitar by Mehtab Ali Niazi struck an evocative chord and defined the composition through nuanced musical variations. The unique visuals created by Ashutosh Joshi, the cinematographer of the music video and an exceptionally talented contemporary photographer, transformed my thoughts into frames contributing immensely to creating this beautiful piece.

The visuals complement the soundtrack. The semi-classical elements of the audio in the Vocals, Sitar and Sarangi mirrored the neo-classical Odissi Dance movements in the visuals. The loop-like elements of a routine that one carries out each day and the cycle of life were marvellously echoed in a loop-like harmony on the sitar that is heard till the end of the track in sync with the cyclical movements of the dancer. While the monotony of life in a city is a reality, ‘Mann Bawra Re’ aims to put forth the perspective of how ‘Bawra’ we are to live the same routine every single day of our life despite the challenges.”

Sharanya Ghosh, a 20-year-old Mumbai-based singer-songwriter, is a versatile artist with roots deeply embedded in Indian music. Hailing from a distinguished musical lineage as the granddaughter of legendary Tabla Maestro Pandit Nikhil Ghosh and daughter of stalwart Sitar and Tabla Exponent Pt. Nayan Ghosh, she honed her vocal skills under her parents’ tutelage in Hindustani Classical Music from an early age. Beyond the classical practice, Sharanya delves into multiple genres of music around the world, showcasing her versatility in vocals and music composition. Ghosh has already made a strong impression as a singer, music composer, songwriter, and director in various noteworthy projects.

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