“Jhaag” breaks the mould with Chaar Diwaari’s distinct soundscape

Mumbai, 20th December 2023: After the success of his previous track “Violence” with Def Jam Recordings India, the rising rapper Chaar Diwaari has recently dropped “Jhaag” marking his second association with the label.

“Jhaag” is an audacious dive into Chaar Diwaari’s turbulent emotions, revealing a deep narrative about obsession and hopeless romanticism. The young rapper’s distinctive and disturbing falsetto, paired with his self-produced sound, delves deep into a masterful poetic arsenal, challenging traditional norms within the Indian rap scene. The lethal record production, marked by fierce electronic music samples and psychedelic dubstep, promises to captivate audiences with its unapologetic intensity.

Watch the song here:

“Jhaag is a song about a man’s love-hate relationship with alcohol. It’s doesn’t romanticize alcoholism, nor does it degrade the idea completely. The protagonist talks in a loving, playful and sexy manner about how alcohol is going to ruin my life and how it has a hold on him; but he is in love with this idea. I have approached this song like an item number. The song isn’t outwardly preachy either, and is structured to get the audience’s hips moving”, says Chaar Diwaari.

New Delhi’s rising emcee, record producer, and songwriter, Chaar Diwaari (Garv Taneja), at just 20 years old, has carved a distinct niche in Indian Hip-Hop. With a brief yet impactful discography of five singles and an EP, each Chaar Diwaari track serves as an experimental fusion of Hip-Hop, gruff electronic music samples, and psychedelic dubstep. The unbothered rap artist, who ironically left music school to pursue his passion, stands out as one of the most promising talents in the Indian Hip-Hop scene.

“Jhaag” is now available on all major streaming platforms, offering listeners a front-row seat to Chaar Diwaari’s rebellious journey through sound and emotion.

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