Sahil Dhandhia releases a song about heartbreak: ‘Teri Yaadein Reh Gayi’

Mumbai, 9th February 2022: Sahil Dhandhia has recently released his new track, ‘Teri Yaadein Reh Gayi’ across major streaming platforms. This is a song about heartbreak and the after-effects of it, and has been sung, written and composed by Sahil Dhandhia. Sahil has stepped out of his comfort zone for this song in terms of its production and genre. Originally written on just a guitar, the song now encompasses a lot of western synths and grooves to give it a nice R&B touch with pop influences. Credit for this unique production lies with the super talented music producer Tallz, who has also produced the last two singles Sahil has released.

Watch the song on YouTube below:

Stream it on Inverted R – Indie playlist through the link below:

Talking about the song Sahil says, “the very relatable lyrics of the song describe a typical situation where the boy is not able to get over the girl who just recently dumped him. One is sure to connect with the heartfelt emotions conveyed with a lot of pain and power in the song”.

Sahil Dhandhia is a singer-songwriter in Hindi and English based in Mumbai. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University following which he worked in the family diamond trade for 10 years. 3 years ago, he decided to drop everything and pursue his passion for music and hasn’t looked back since. It has been a roller-coaster ride thus far and he looks forward to all the adventures that are yet to come on this musical journey. Earlier in 2021, Sahil released an inspirational song, “Chalte Jaana Hai”, that got featured on 6 editorial playlists and a bridal walk song, “Teri Ore Aa Jaati Hoon Main” that has crossed 10,000 streams on Spotify alone!

Sahil has collaborated with Julia Boot, a gifted Greek illustrator to create a powerful and dark art piece for the album cover. He plans on getting a dance influencer on board to create an impactful choreographed dance for the hook of the song as a dance contest.

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