MusiCulture Exclusive: Prady J and his band Eklipze release their single inspired by their IIT Bombay days

Mumbai, 11th February 2022: Inspired by his experience 15 years ago during his IIT Bombay days, Prady J and his band Eklipze all set to release their single “Naina Tere”. The song is scheduled to release on the 7th of February 2022. The song is beautifully shot in some exotic location in Ireland and showcases a cute couple on their first ever date. This song perfectly reminds us of the late 90’s Indie pop era which was considered a golden era for Independent artists.

Watch the MusiCulture Exclusive release of the song here:

Talking about the song Prady said, “Naina Tere was shot in the beautiful landscapes of Northern Ireland and is an innocent story of a couple going on their first date. Sung by me, Aseem and Sunil, it combines their voices in a harmonious melody worth
listening to on repeat!”. Prady took a quick rapid fire with us, watch this fun conversation in the link below:

Prady J and his band Eklipze started their journey at IIT Bombay. They are a mainstream indipop band and believe in harmonious melodies! With 3 singers, rhythm guitars and keyboards, their sound is extremely easy on the ear and they have churned out beautiful original compositions over the years. They are now launching the first of many, Naina Tere, which is a song Prady wrote for girl a long time ago!

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