I have a series of collaborations planned with T-Series, you will see really big names down the line: Ravator

Ravator, a music producer and composer, joined forces with Gajendra Verma, Adarsh Rao, Utsavi and T Series for his latest track “Adhoore Hum”. This heart break song brings in the immaculate voice of Gajendra Verma with unapologetic style of Ravator together. With the song just released, we had a brief interaction with Ravator, here are the excerpts.

Ravator x Gajendra Verma x T Series how did this collaboration shape up?

This collaboration was an unplanned fruit. I just reached out to Gajendra on Instagram DM and asked him about the track to which he finally replied after a month. He loved the idea and we just decided to go for it and I’m glad it happened.

Watch the lyrical video song here:

Tell us something about the song, one of your posts says it took a year for this song to come up

I started working on this track in during the lockdown. I sent the idea to Adarsh, and he sang over it and sent it to me. Initially for about a year there was a lot of to and fro happening and then finally after 14 months, when we recorded the song with Gajendra’s vocals, the song felt complete, and it sounded amazing. Good things take time, I guess.

While working on the song, what has been the overall process?

So, I ideated the song, and did the entire music production for it. Then I went to Adarsh who sang some melodies, and we locked one of them that we further sent ahead to Utsavi, who then wrote the beautiful lyrics. And as we can all witness the final output is sung by Gajendra and Adarsh. Also, the mix master has been done by a very close friend Yash Tiwari and Ayan Dey.

Is this a one off collaboration or we can expect more? What’s in the pipeline?

I have a series of collaborations planned with T-Series, you will see really big names down the line and some of the best underground artists too. T-Series has given me the liberty to explore, and they have been very supportive! Kudos to the team, this is one of the many things planned this year.

How was the experience working with T Series?

Absolutely amazing, felt like family since day one. The experience of working with Bhushan Sir and Shivam has been wonderful and they’re one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with. Everything operates like a family. Rohit, my manager and I felt like the team just got extended for us.

Tell us something about the music video, how did that shape up?

We are still in thinking process about music video. We wanted to release the audio first and see how people take up the track that’s why we came up with the lyrical animation as of now.

We are surely looking forward to their video song, but till then, the audio is on loop streaming!

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