Osho Jain’s latest release ‘Kya Karenge’ is a haunting plea for Environment Preservation

Mumbai, 26th October 2023: In a world where environmental conservation discussions are commonplace, renowned indie singer-songwriter, Osho Jain, takes a unique approach to ensure the message reaches the audience. His new release, ‘Kya Karenge,’ serves as a thought-provoking reflection on the imminent extinction of our natural world. With its poignant lyrics and a powerful message, the song emphasizes the urgent need to preserve our environment and sheds light on the dire consequences of our inaction.

Watch the song here:

While there have been numerous forums where the topic of environmental conservation is discussed, Osho Jain’s ‘Kya Karenge’ stands apart as a call to action in the form of a captivating song. In today’s world, where environmental issues loom larger than ever before, ‘Kya Karenge’ is a powerful reminder that it is time for us to start the change today.

The song’s lyrics implore listeners to reflect on the state of our planet and the devastating consequences that await if we do not take immediate and meaningful steps to protect the world we all share. Using music as a catalyst for bringing forth the important message of environmental conservation, this track beautifully compels listeners to rethink their responsibilities to safeguard our environment.

Accompanying the song is a visually striking music video that features a young girl as she valiantly preserves the last remnants of nature in her possession. The video acts as a powerful visual metaphor for the urgency and importance of environmental preservation.

“Kya Karenge’ is a very simple yet stirring question on some of the biggest problems we face today. We are consuming everything that our beautiful planet has to offer without giving anything back to it. For how long can we really do this? This song is my loud cry and I really want people to get up and feel what I am trying to say. I am going to try and make sure it reaches all the right places.” says Osho Jain.’

Osho Jain’s ‘Kya Karenge’ is a poignant and powerful call to action, urging us all to take a stand and make a difference in preserving our planet. As listeners immerse themselves in the emotive melody and thought-provoking lyrics, they are sure to be left with a lasting impact.

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