Rishi Kumar releases ‘Kyun’ 7th & final track of his second album, “Ishq’’

Mumbai, 25th August 2023: Music enthusiasts can rejoice as talented composer and producer Rishi Kumar presents his latest masterpiece, “Kyun”. This soulful Hindi song is a collaboration between gifted singers Akanksha Sethi and Keshuv Huria, complemented by heartfelt lyrics by Rishi Kumar and Anshul Mathur. Kyun is the 7th & final track of Rishi Kumar’s second album, “Ishq”, “Kyun” – a captivating musical journey The heartfelt lyrics by Anshul Mathur unravel a tale of two individuals questioning the impact of imaginary lovers. The dreamy music combined with the ambient vocals evokes hope and romance, leaving a lasting impression on the listener, driving them into a nostalgic journey of emotions and tender affection.

Watch the lyrical video here:

Akanksha Sethi and Keshuv Huria’s enchanting voices breathe life into the lyrics, creating an emotional connection that will leave a lasting impression on the audience. Their harmonious blend captures the emotions of the song, making “Kyun” an unforgettable musical experience.

Rishi Kumar, known for his talent in crafting memorable tunes, has once again showcased his expertise in creating a soul-stirring melody. The collaboration with Anshul Mathur on the lyrics has added depth and meaning to the song, making it relatable to every listener.

“Kyun” promises to be a highlight in the world of Hindi music, serving as a reminder of the power of music to touch hearts and souls. The song’s release is a much-awaited event for music lovers, who are eager to experience the magic that Rishi Kumar, Akanksha Sethi, Keshuv Huria, and Anshul Mathur have woven together.

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