Sukriti – Prakriti collaborate with Mellow D & UpsideDown for “Over You”

Mumbai, 28th August 2023: After an eagerly awaited interval, the sensational singing duo, Sukriti – Prakriti Kakar, have come together on their latest track, “Over You”. This compelling creation in collaboration with Mellow D and UpsideDown, delves deep into the realms of heartbreak and healing through music.

Watch the song here:

“Over You” encapsulates the bittersweet experience of letting go and discovering newfound strength amidst the complexities of heartbreak. The soulful vocals of Sukriti and Prakriti evoke unfiltered emotion amplified by the depth and authenticity Mellow D adds to the narrative. Infused with UpsideDown’s urban-pop flair, the music creates an indelible connection with listeners, resonating on a profound level.

Talking about their latest release, “Over You”, Sukriti-Prakriti Kakar share, “It’s incredibly exciting to bring back an urban heartbreak track for our fans. This time, we aimed to deliver a fresh SuPra experience. And by teaming up with Mellow D and Upside Down, we’ve seamlessly integrated a tale of healing into a melodic canvas. ‘Over You’ is a heartfelt creation, and we genuinely hope it provides comfort to those who’ve braved the journey of heartbreak.

This also marks Sukriti and Prakriti’s inaugural foray into a lyrical music video, promising an entirely new fan experience. Collaboratively, Sukriti – Prakriti Kakar, Mellow D, and UpsideDown channel their talents, resulting in a composition that magnificently showcases their collective musical brilliance.

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