Niloy Roy talks about the consistency of individual efforts through his latest single “Sadaa”

Mumbai, 24th August 2023: Singer/Songwriter Niloy Roy has recently released his latest single “Sadaa” which is out on all audio platforms. This happens to be his 5th original single, a song which stresses upon the message that success is as much about consistency as it is about hard work.

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“Sadaa” is a Hindi as well as an Urdu word which carries two meanings, “forever” and “prayer” respectively. Interestingly, this song stresses upon both interpretations. It acts as a prayer, a call that we never run out of motivation and are always able to maintain our focus. The writer believes that all of us are meant to do significant things with our lives. At any stage of their goal, people need to stay motivated so that they achieve not just what they set out to, but also growing and going beyond what was expected of them.

Although the track belongs to the Hard Rock genre, it has an inherent Indian flavour which only adds fervour to our nation’s 77th Independence Day celebrations. It’s an interesting mix of complex chords, roaring guitar solos and simplistic lyrics which effectively convey a universal message of “never giving up”.

Niloy Roy is a singer-songwriter based out of New Delhi. Hailing from the city of Lucknow, he believes in experimenting with diverse musical genres and styles. After a considerable collaborating stint with multiple bands and artists in the Delhi music scene, he has been releasing original music as a solo artist since 2020. He infuses his Garage Rock influences of the late 70’s and 80’s with a mainstream vocal style, combining it with lyrics laden with heavy emotion and intellect which are a result of the deep-seated societal changes.

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