Rishi Kumar Collaborates with Nakul Chugh for “Suno”

Mumbai, 13th July 2023: Talented 16 years old composer Rishi Kumar, has joined forces with renowned singer Nakul Chugh for their third collaboration, single titled “Suno.” The song was released recently.

Watch the song here:

Rishi has to say the following for his upcoming track, “The softest song and arguably the most emotional song of the album Ishq, ‘Suno’ is a captivating romantic, sentimental song that will touch your heart & stir your soul,” says Rishi Kumar. “The enchanting composition takes listeners on a reflective and emotional ride through a soundscape that is both nostalgic and bittersweet. With its melancholic and sentimental melodies & heartfelt lyrics, it evokes cherished memories and will evoke profound emotions.”

Nakul Chug, widely acclaimed for his incredible vocal range and versatility, has proved time and again that he is an extraordinary singer. Having already collaborated with Rishi on two successful projects, Nakul’s exceptional talent and passion for music continue to shine through in this upcoming single.

This collaboration marks another milestone in Rishi Kumar’s musical journey. Having gained recognition for his previous works, such as the melodious “Tum,” which was featured by Apple India on their official website for the 14 Pro model, Rishi has consistently showcased his exceptional talent. Songs like “Humein Bhi” and “Dil Ho Tum” are among his other notable compositions, demonstrating his ability to create music that resonates with listeners on a deep level. In addition to his Hindi releases, Rishi has also explored the Tamil music scene with the song “Naan Naan Dhaan.”

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