Raftaar and Dhanda Nyoliwala collaborate for ‘Chora Baba Ka’ on VYRL Haryanvi

Mumbai, 20th October 2023: An electrifying musical masterpiece has taken the Haryanvi music industry by storm which is bought together by VYRL Haryanvi. “Chora Baba Ka,” a collaboration between Raftaar and the burgeoning talent Dhanda Nyoliwala, brings together exceptional artistry, cultural reverence, and a whole lot of grooves.

Raftaar, known for his ground-breaking contributions to the music industry, joins forces with the up-and-coming Dhanda Nyoliwala, who has been making waves with his urban Haryanvi music. This dynamic duo not only lends their captivating voices but also contributes their extraordinary songwriting and composition skills to create “Chora Baba Ka.”

Watch the song here:

Adding to the brilliance is the meticulous production by the incredibly talented Yeah Proof, making this collaboration a true symphony of genius. The music in “Chora Baba Ka” will set your heart racing, ensuring a musical experience like no other.

At the heart of this track lies the divine blessings of Lord Shiva. Raftaar and Dhanda weave a powerful narrative that delves into their personal journeys and spiritual connection with Lord Shiva. The song also pays tribute to the vibrant culture of proudly displaying Shiva stickers on cars.

To bring this musical masterpiece to life visually, “Chora Baba Ka” features a dazzling video directed by the creative minds at B2together Pros. This visual spectacle not only showcases Raftaar, Dhanda, and Yeah Proof but also unites the entire Kalamkaar gang, with KRSNA and Deep Kalsi making special appearances in the music video.

Talking about this banger track which has already gotten a lot of love from the audience, Raftaar says, “Chora Baba Ka is more than just a song to me, it’s an experience, a fusion of talent, culture, and spirituality. I am extremely delighted to collaborate this track with the immensely talented musicians Dhanda and Yeah Proof. I hope my audience and fans will appreciate this collaboration and go all out to make this track another hit”.

Dhanda Nyoliwala adds, “Chora Baba Ka transcends being just a song; it embodies a complete experience of cultural collaboration. I am extremely happy to collaborate with Raftaar on this song. He is an amazing person to work with. The way both our styles complement each other can be witnessed in the song. I also wanted to give a shout-out to Yeah Proof for producing the song and making this dream team possible.”

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