‘Pride and Joy’ by Yush! is a heartfelt expression

Mumbai, 15th February 2022: Soham Pathak aka. Yush! is a Singer – Songwriter and Music director/composer from Mumbai, India. His musical style is very western pop / retro synth pop music, and after two really great releases last year Yush! is back with his recently released song “Pride and Joy”, officially on all streaming platforms since the 28th of January.

In “Pride and Joy” Yush! is expressing what he feels through the song, things which he doesn’t have the courage to say in person to his muse. With her around him he’s got reasons to get serious about life, her, his choices and be himself, but insecurities still play a big part in his life and although he is happy with her, he doesn’t have what it takes (according to him) to be with her. Self-belief is what he lacks, and a relationship like this can be a plot for disaster and toxicity.

We had a quick interaction with Yush!, and when asked how and why he transitioned to working on his solo material as Yush!, also about when the work on “Pride & Joy” began, he said, “I wanted to challenge myself, as an artist you’re always looking for something exciting. I’m always writing songs, in fact I look for moments in my life that can be turned into songs. I thought I should totally put out these diary entries for the world to hear. Pride and Joy is a song about insecurities and I wrote it back in January 2020 just before the pandemic”.

About the upcoming work he said, “More songs, I’ve gone back to writing and I’m already getting somewhere on some new material. I can’t say much at this point but it’s going to be exciting. Apart from that I’m working on a web series and some Marathi music which I’m excited and looking forward to”.

Check out his “Pride and Joy”, a relatable song for everyone in each generation!

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