Panther and Raga drop explosive, fiery collab “Galat Karam”

Mumbai, 13th November 2023: Panther, the artist from MTV Hustle 2.0, and Raga, the voice from the streets of the National Capital, are teaming up to deliver their fiery collaborative single, “Galat Karam.” This eagerly awaited release promises an unfiltered glimpse into their gritty street experiences and personal perspectives on India’s burgeoning rap landscape.

A realistic story that explores the experiences of street life that Panther and Raga have seen and experienced, “Galat Karam” is harsh. The song offers a deep look into their opinions on the quickly developing rap culture in India, in addition to stopping at their stories.

Watch the song here:

Raga, a Def Jam-signed artist, is no stranger to the hip-hop underground scene and has garnered significant acclaim. With a profound understanding of the urban landscape and a commanding presence in the rap community, Raga brings his unique voice to “Galat Karam.”

Panther, on the other hand, is a rising hip hop star from Uttar Pradesh, India, whose evocative lyrics and storytelling abilities have earned him a dedicated fan base. The collaboration between these two talented artists promises to be a game-changer in the Indian music industry.

“Galat Karam” is not just a song; it’s a movement that encapsulates the experiences and aspirations of two exceptional artists who have faced life’s trials and tribulations head-on. Their authentic stories and unfiltered passion are sure to resonate with fans of rap and hip-hop.

“Galat Karam” is streaming across all major platforms, check it out now!

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