NIX ALBA the Indietronic duo publish their new single “PILLOLA” feat. MIDORII

Mumbai, 21st December 2021: NIX ALBA, a young backward duo, are back on all digital platforms starting from December 3rd with a new single entitled “Pillola”, boasting the extraordinary participation of singer-songwriter MIDORII who, after the release of her latest single “Girotondo”, she inaugurates the road of featuring for the first time in her musical career.

“Pillola is the symbol of a society that is slowly falling apart.” – explain NIX ALBA – “It is the mirror of our modernity, in which everyone is willing to take the compulsive ‘Pill’, to keep up with others and which always makes us depend on something or someone.”

“When I listened to ‘Pillola’ for the first time, I immediately thought it belonged to a world in which I wanted to try my hand and have something to say.” – says MIDORII

“I embraced Nix Alba’s idea and I let myself be overwhelmed by this circular atmosphere, keeping my mood and my style in a hallucinogenic world far from my music, happily losing my center of gravity.” – She concludes.

A vintage sound in full 80’s style that, behind an alienated and at times sensual singing, reveals a profound today’s reflection as much as atavistic. A perfect crasis between pop, funk and electronic sounds in which a psychedelic bass line fits into the whole song.

Listen to “Pillola”here:

Watch the Video here:

NIX ALBA is a young indie-electronic duo recently formed, composed by Gabriele Antonante, born in 1997 (singer, guitarist and author) and Cristian Bonaldi, born in 1996 (music producer). They met at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan where they graduated. On December 4th 2020 they released the single “Similar”. On May 1st  2021 the single “Però mi piace” is released, followed by “Ready” on June 18th 2021. On December 3rd 2021 the single “Pillola” feat. Midorii.

MIDORII is an Italian singer-songwriter, born in 1991. She studied jazz and violin singing at the Matera Conservatory and performed with jazz projects both in Italy and abroad. In 2020 she got into a partnership with Achille Lauro as chorister for the following songs: “Me ne Frego”, “Bam Bam Twist” and for the album “1920-Achille Lauro & The Untouchable Band”. On January 1st 2021 she released her first song “Salto” for  Visory Records label, followed by  “Saturno” out on April 23rd 2021. On September 18th  of the same year she opened the concerts of Gaia and Il Tre at the Theater Villa Peripato in Taranto. On November 5th 2021, she released her third single “Girotondo”.

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