I don’t need much time to get into a session and hit the peak with music around: Vijay Thakkar, Founder and CEO, 48 Fitness

Music has been an integral part of our lives and it won’t be unfair to say that it has found its way since ages into our fitness as well. Music keeps us engaged, focussed and motivated during our training sessions. It has been used by scores of fitness trainers as a part of their training plans and has helped both, the coaches and the trainees, to achieve their goals. We had a quick interaction with one of the renowned professional trainers, ad Functional Medicine Coach, Vijay Thakkar, Founder and CEO 48 Fitness to explore this aspect of the world of fitness. The conversation was quite interesting and here are the excerpts:

How much is music and training complementary to each other?

It’s a big part and we need to use it well. At 48 fitness we try and build rhythm by matching the number of beats per minute to the heart rate and the ones working out can feel an upgrade consistently. It also helps build a rhythm. Cardio is difficult for some, and they are made to listen to music during their cardio and they forget the pain during the cardio session. They complete the session, and they don’t feel exhausted at all. So, music is an integral part of 48 fitness, and we use it very strategically to enhance the experience and aid the workouts.

How do you personally use music to enhance the workout routines of your customers?

I use it personally too. Some of the all-time classics like the Eye Of The Tiger get me going even on the seemingly difficult days. I do cardio and without any pressure, the sessions go. Spinning is a great experience and music is integral to that. So yeah, it indeed gets me going and gets me into a rhythm. I don’t need much time to get into a session and hit the peak with music around.

What is a typical routine for you on a normal day?

I wake up early and after I brush up and all, I do a 10 min meditation with controlled breathing. It suppresses cortisol levels and aids in releasing melatonin which is a de-stressing and calming hormone. It helps me make better decisions and stay calm. I come to the office, the gym, and I am working consistently till evening. I take meal breaks and then back to work again. I finish my workouts when I am at the gym. I go for a jog or a swim in the evening. I do about 7 km when I am running within a stipulated time and I also try and keep track of the goals set for the day and if I have hit them alright, I reward myself with chocolate in the evening. Of course, I keep the quantity in check. I sleep on time and breathe deep when I am off to sleep. That helps the melatonin to be secreted to get me deep sleep.

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What is your personal fitness regimen and what’s your personal favourite playlist to go with that?

I do about 120 minutes of cardio and 120 minutes of strength training each week spread over sessions. I engage in sports, and I try to do multiple forms of cardio such as jogging, spinning and swimming. On the strength training days, I try and conserve energy throughout the day and have a great strength session and hit some personal bests each time. That gets the muscle to expand and gain strength. I also try and squeeze in a bit of HIIT session each week. Training is something that I love and enjoy even more with the classic music of all time. I love rock music and I love listening to the likes of Pink Floyd, Metallica, Linkin Park, and the list goes on. It really gets me into a great rhythm.

What’s that one piece of advice you will give to people in general in context to fitness and one to the trainers who are looking to make a mark on the professional front?

I would tell people that focus on your psychological side of fitness. It’s more important than just losing a few pounds. Even if you lose that weight, you might still gain it. Build a stack of habits to aid fitness. Like the two-minute rule by James Clear in the book Atomic Habits. It’s said if you don’t want to do something but it’s necessary, just dress up and show up. Like you can just get into your fitness clothes and go to the pool or track or the gym. It’s very unlikely that you won’t work out. Also, build a lifestyle around fitness. Like eating a holistic diet. Eat more of the greens and less packaged stuff and that will be aiding your performance not just in the gym. And to the trainers, I would like to say that understand your clients and help them build a lifestyle around the sessions. Educate them about the movements and the importance of diet, so even when they are on road they don’t miss out on the transformations. If your client has repeated cycles of losing and gaining weight and fat, then essentially there is something wrong with the trainer. Invest in educating yourself and educate your clients as well. And they would never leave your services if you do it right. That’s a pro tip.

It is really interesting to understand the psychology behind fitness and the also the way music plays a role in the overall scheme of things. For the ones looking to create a fitness goal for themselves, Vijay Thakkar is the man to reach out to. Follow him and his work on Instagram at @vijaythakkarofficial and stay motivated!

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