‘Mere Makaan’ by Aabha Hanjura tells a tale

Mumbai, 24th August 2023: ‘Mere Makaan’ is a soulful ballad that gives voice to many unresolved feelings through the universally unifying feeling of nostalgia. It talks to those of us living away from our roots and the song delves into emotions that ensue when your childhood home becomes a faded memory. Inspired by true events, this journey is reminiscent of the time when Aabha was reduced to tears upon visiting her childhood home in Kashmir a decade ago.

Watch the song here:

The cathartic composition has been brought alive by the celebrated jazz pianist Aman Mahajan, with Jacob Charkey lending the melancholy on Cello. The whole composition has been strung together patiently by national award winning music producer & audio engineer Mr. K J Singh.

Talking about the song Aabha said, “For me Mere Makaan is my most special work so far be- cause this song comes from a deeply honest place as an artist. Musically I’ve dived into a whole new realm with this single & it explores a previously untouched side of my songwriting. Mere Makaan is poetry of displacement, it’s my story and one that I hope resonates with everyone who misses their home. While, I’ve never found an answer to what the IDEA OF HOME means to me even 33 years later- i hope this song can provide catharsis to those who like me struggled have struggled with the idea of Home”. As a Kashmiri Folk artist Aabha Hanjura has done exemplary work to bring forth beautiful aspects of the valley & her culture to the forefront and through her first album paid ode to her homelands diverse culture with playful songs like Hukus Bukus that climbed through the charts & went on to feature in the famous amazon prime web series Family Man, starring Manoj Bajpayee. Her new show Songs Of Home that has toured across the country successfully & played at prestigious venues like Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre, is centered around her latest release Mere Makaan & is touted to be going on a fresh round of tour in Bangalore, Mumbai & Srinagar in the week of 12th to 26th August.

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