“Madhuri Dixit has been a tremendous influence on my journey”, Heli Daruwala on her upcoming track ‘Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab’

Mumbai, 6th July 2023: Heli Daruwala, the talented actor and a flawless dancer, is set to charm the audiences with her graceful moves in her upcoming track ‘Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab’ by T-Series. Known for her dynamic performances and charismatic presence, Heli seeks inspiration from the iconic actress Madhuri Dixit especially for this song. Ecstatic about her classical dance moves in the music video, she shares, “Madhuri Dixit Ji has been a tremendous influence on my journey as an actor and dancer. Like all the other girls, I have grown up watching her on the screen and during my childhood days, I started my journey into dance and drama with her as my source of inspiration. I wanted to capture some of that magic that Madhuri ji brings to the screen and infuse it with my own artistic expression”.

Heli’s admiration for Madhuri Dixit’s work led her to delve deep into the essence of the legendary actress, studying her performances and understanding the nuances that made her shine on screen. The song ‘Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab’ is sung by Kavita Seth and Kanishk Seth and features Heli Daruwala alongside Nishank Bhatt.

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