Araj release their debut EP ‘Chakra’

Mumbai, 7th July 2023: Indian classical group Araj have recently released their debut EP called Chakra. The 4 track EP released yesterday and they have also released the music video for their track from the EP which is called “Sargam Crossing”. The band Araj is conceptualised by the young table wizard Ishaan Ghosh. Ishaan was recently also in the news for his album called Synergy with his father Pt Nayan Ghosh.

Watch the song here:

Chakra is a groundbreaking album that showcases Araj’s innovative approach to Indian classical music. It easily establishes the group as one of the foremost bands in the neoclassical genre in India. In Chakra, Araj borrows from the rich heritage of Indian classical music and gives a refreshing twist to it. The album features a fusion of intricate melodies, innovative rhythms and unexpected harmonies, all carefully crafted to create a distinct neoclassical sound.  Through experimentation and exploration, Araj pushes the boundaries of the genre, captivating listeners with their fresh and dynamic interpretations. Chakra stands testament to Araj’s visionary musicality, with their unique contribution to carving a path for the future of Indian music.

About the artist

Araj is a band featuring great talent. Known for their striking brilliance, each young musician is a gifted individual at the forefront of India’s contemporary classical music scene today. With Ishaan Ghosh (Tabla), Mehtab Ali Niazi (Sitar), S. Akash (Flute), Vanraj Shastri (Sarangi) and Pratik Singh (Vocals), ARAJ has been rapidly gaining a worldwide following for their power-packed performances and innovative musical ideas. The group has performed at prestigious venues and festivals across India and abroad, including The Bozar Concert Hall in Brussels, The Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam, The Amare Hall in The Hague, and Musée de Genève, among several others.

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